5 Ways To Improve Your Marriage

1. Make A List- The first thing I did to make my marriage work a little bit better was make a list of what I was doing to put a strain on our daily lives. Here was my list:

-“Nagging” too much

-Too high of expectations


-Negative attitude

-Too anxious

After I compiled my list, I vowed to work on doing a little less of those things each day. In turn, I gave him a list of things that he does that I would like him to work on. I told him that we both need to put in the effort to make it work. When one of us got out of line, the other reminded them that they needed to get back on track.

2. Choose Your Battles- This one I struggled with. My mind works in such way that I expect perfection with everything. So I constantly find myself stressing over the littlest of things. Whether it be the dishes not being put away correctly, or trash being left on the counter. I realized that my marriage wouldn’t last if everything that came out of my mouth was a complaint about something so small. So I told myself, “choose your battles McKayla.” Instead of complaining the dishes weren’t put away correctly, I quickly fixed them myself. When I did feel the urge to complain, I took a deep breath, and said it as politely and patiently as I could, and I gave my reasoning as to why I needed it to be done a certain way. [Read More]

6 Things The Woman in Your Life Wishes You Would Do More

For all the men out there who ask their woman, “what do you want?”… Here you go! You’re welcome (;

1. Take an Interest- Acknowledge what goes on in her everyday life, and ask her all about it. Let her know that you care about even the smallest details. Ask her about her job, or her day. Frequently ask her what she’s thinking about, you would be surprised how often she has something on her mind that she needs to let out. I can speak from experience when I say that women sometimes get nervous to talk about what’s on their mind because they don’t want to come off as “annoying” by talking all the time. Make sure she knows that you would love to hear anything she has to say.

2. Provide Support and Encouragement- This is so important in a relationship. I always feel as if I could use more support in everything that I do. Whether it’s my job, my current hobby, or my life long goals, I need encouraging. Tell her she can do it, and remind her that she is going to succeed and you will be right there beside her every step of the way. So many people give up on their dreams because they feel as if the world is against them. If they had someone who constantly reassured them that they could do it, and that they have someone in their corner at all times, giving up wouldn’t happen so often. There’s no better feeling than accomplishing your goals, so help her get there by supporting her in any way you can. [Read More]

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