Cheap Date Night Ideas – At Home and Out of the House

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It can be hard to come up with cheap date night ideas that both of you will enjoy. Especially when it feels like everything you do is so expensive. Restaurants are pricey, prices of gas are up, traveling on a budget is nearly impossible.

After endless “I don’t know, what do you want to do”’s, the ultimate list of date ideas has come about!

This article has a list of:

  • Date Night at Home Ideas
  • Free or Cheap Date Night Ideas
  • Hacks for Saving Money On Date Nights

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Date Night at Home Ideas:

date night ideas at home

Make dinner together – Find a recipe online that looks yummy and work together to make it.

Watch a movie – Check out Netflix, or rent a Redbox movie. Movie night is always fun!

Have an ice cream sundae bar – Get all the good stuff, and make yourselves a rockin’ ice cream sundae.

Put together photo albums/scrapbooks – It’s always entertaining to go through old pictures and take a trip down memory lane.

Learn more about each other, and ask each other these questions – Learn something new about your significant other, and help them to learn more about you.

Eat breakfast in bed – Snuggle up with each other and enjoy a stack of hotcakes.

Read a book together – Read a book together that both of you enjoy, or something that can benefit your marriage. I highly suggest the love dare, it’s a book that challenges you to improve your relationship.

Give each other a massage – Put real effort into giving each other a real massage.

Start a project together – Working on a project together can be great! Whether it’s refinishing furniture, creating home décor, or putting together a scrapbook.

Play “would you rather” – Would you rather is such a fun game to play, as you always end up surprised at other people’s answers.

Play video games – Nothing like a night in bed playing video games like a bunch of teenagers.

Come up with a bucket list together – Start your bucket list of things you guys want to accomplish together.

Learn a language together – Learning a language with your partner is perfect because then you have someone to practice with, and you have your own secret little language.

Teach each other a skill – It’s always fun to teach someone something you’re passionate about, so share your passions with one another.

Play a board game – Nothing like a little competition to spice the night up.

Learn a new skill together – Work together to learn a skill that interests both of you, whether it’s woodworking, cooking, crafting, etc.

Exercise together – start exercising together, it’s always easier with a partner to keep you accountable.


Free or Cheap Date Night Ideas


Go to the farmers market – Free samples of good food…yes, please!

Go ice skating/rollerblading – If you fall, you fall together.

Have a picnic – Pack some food and go enjoy the nice weather outside.

Go bowling – See who’s a better bowler, and forever rub it in their face.

Attend a comedy show – Best date ever! Laughing is so good for you.

Go on a hike – Get some fresh air and some exercise!

Go camping – There’s something so great about spending time with your partner away from the chaos of the world, away from the internet and away from everyone else. This alone time can really benefit your relationship, use it to grow closer.

Take a class together – Learning together is even better than learning alone.

Go to a discount movie theatre – Going to the movies is great, but it can be expensive. Discount movies are the best! Search for one near you!

Go for a scenic drive – Go exploring, and find the beauty in the world around you.

Go for a long walk – Walking is a perfect time to have a good conversation, while still getting in some exercise.


Date Night Hacks:


  • Search for what you’re looking for on Groupon, such as a couples massage, and get it at a discounted rate.

Eat out and spend less

Go on a weekday

  • Often times rates are higher for certain places on the weekends than on the weekdays.

Go earlier in the day

  • A lot of things are cheaper during the day. You can get lunch specials for cheaper, matinees at the movie theaters are cheaper than evening showings.

Find someone to trade babysitting with

  • If you have kids, find another couple to trade babysitting with, so you can save on costs of babysitting.

Use a “Date Night Jar”

  • Date night jars are so fun! Then neither of you have to choose, it’s the luck of the draw! Check out this date night jar tutorial over on
date night jar, diy date night har
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