100+ Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

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Hooray! It’s Christmas time! One of my absolute favorite times of the year. But, it’s also one of the most stressful. I always stress over Christmas shopping. There are so many people to shop for who are all different ages, genders and personality types. But have no fear! I have compiled a list of over 100 christmas gift ideas for the whole family – men, women, teens, children, babies, parents and grandparents, and even friends of the family! Enjoy!

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Gift Ideas for Husband:

1. Tools- There are so many tools a man needs, especially if you own your home! My husband would die without his Drill. We both use it so often that it’s well worth the money! Another thing my husband is always using is his Portable Tool Kit. We always take it on road trips, it’s really convenient to bring everywhere with you!

2. Accessories– A man’s outfit just isn’t complete without a snazzy Watch! And if they have a few or more you can get them a Watch Case to keep them all in.

3. Shaving Kit

4. Wallet- My husband actually prefers this style of wallet because it’s thinner and more compact.

5. Clothes

6. Cologne

7. Boudoir Photos- If you don’t know what boudoir photos are, it’s basically sexy photos of yourself that you can put in an album for your man.

8. Sexy Coupons

9. Personalized keychain- Something that says you know him well! There is a cute couples one that is beauty and the beast inspired!

10. Outdoor Gear- If your family likes to be outdoors, your husband would probably appreciate a Hiking backpack, Camping kit, Hunting knife, Fishing pole, Range finder or Binoculars.

11. Ammo 

12. Bluetooth speaker- My husband would die without his Bluetooth speaker!

13. Gift Cards- Cabelas, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Home Depot, etc.


Gift Ideas for Wife:

1. Jewelry- You can get customized jewelry with each member of the families birthstones in it. An idea I always thought was cute is to buy your wife a Charm bracelet, and every year get her a new charm for it with some sort of meaning behind it!

2. Lingerie

3. Love Coupons

4. Family Photoshoot- Set up a family photoshoot with a local photographer! Moms always want professional pictures to decorate the house with!

5. Camera- I recently got this camera, and I’m in love with it!

6. Date night- Give her a cute invitation to date night, tell her what to wear. Have a night planned out just for the two of you to spend some quality time together!

7. Craft Supplies- Mom’s love pictures, so a Scrapbook Kit or some scrapbook accessories would be awesome! Last year I got this Sewing machine for Christmas and it has been so good. Highly recommend it!

8. Wine Accessories- you hear it everywhere, mamas need their wine! So get her a Bottle of wine, Wine rack, or some cute Wine glasses!

9. Cookware set- Some nice Non-sticks pans, UGH! I would kill for some of those!

10. Pajama’s- You hardly see me without my robe on! A nightgown, some slippers, or a nice pair of comfy pj’s are so nice for the cold weather!

11. Purse/Wallet- Sadly, I rarely use my purses because I’m always carrying around my diaper bag. But, this diaper bag is my favorite! It’s a knock off, and it’s awesome! It’s a back pack style, lots of pockets, etc. I’ve went through some terrible diaper bags, so I am very grateful for this one.

12. Gift Cards-Victorias Secret, Sephora, Her favorite clothing store

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Gift Ideas for A Teenager:

1. Electronics- Teens love electronics… what’re you going to do…? Buy them more! Phone, Ipod, Game console, Kindle, Bluetooth speaker or Headphones, Portable USB charger, Camera… there are soo many to choose from!

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2. Car Accessories- If your teen is driving now and has their own car, car accessories are cheap and easy! Some ideas are an Air freshener, Seat covers, Steering Wheel Cover, or a USB Charger.

3. Craft Supplies- Teens need more hands-on activities these days to try to make up for all the electronic use, so any crafty gifts are awesome. I know as a kid I loved my Art kit. I also always got a new Journal, and Pen set each year for Christmas. The new fad is Adult coloring books. One of my favorite gifts growing up was a Jewelry Making Kit. It came with tons of different beads and string and everything you need. Loved it! For boys, Model Cars, or any RC toys that require some assembling. 

This bullet journaling set is AWESOME! 

4. Concert tickets

5. Books

6. Musical instrument

7. New furniture for bedroom– It’s the teenage years when you develop a sense of individualism, so maybe being able to decorate their own room, and add a new piece of furniture such as a Desk, Bed, Vanity, Chair, or Bed set.

8. Gift Cards- Visa, Best Buy, Mall, Movie theatre, Hobby Lobby


Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Young Kids:

1. Electronics- For the younger kids I like to try to make the electronics at least a little educational, or beneficial in a sense. Like a Smart watch, these things are awesome! They can receive calls and texts, and there is GPS tracking! A few more ideas are a Learning tablet, or some Educational movies.

Leapfrog was a huge help in teaching my daughter her numbers, ABC’s and sounds of her letters!

2. Learning Games– Any sort of toy or game to get their brains working, such as Puzzles, Books, or even Flash Cards!

3. Toys– There are thousands to choose from! Legos or Blocks, Kitchen set, Nerf gun, RC car, Easy bake oven, Baby doll, Barbies, Dollhouse, Action figures, Build-a-bear, and Bath toys… endless options!

4. Lessons– One of my favorite gifts growing up was Dance and Gymnastics lessons! So if your child would like to learn a new skill, get them lessons to learn Piano, Vocal, or any type of Sport they might like, etc.

5. Outdoor Equipment– Kids need to spend more time outside, so we can encourage them by buying outside toys such as a Bicycle, Tricycle, Powerwheels, Playhouse, or a Jungle gym.


Gift Ideas for Baby

1. Clothes

2. Teethers– So many people swear by these Amber necklaces. Another really common teether toy is this Giraffe.

3. Toys– There are so many toy options but a Sit to stand push toy would come in really handy! On the cheaper end there are Baby blocks or Soft books.

4. Blanket and/or Lovey (special animal or toy)- I actually made my daughter a special blanket this year and I’m taking her to Build-a-Bear to make a stuffed animal to go with!


Gift Ideas for Parents/Grandparents:

1. Pictures- Every year without fail we always take pictures of all the kids and grandkids and get them framed for the grandparents. So Framed photos are easy and fairly cheap depending on the frames! You could also fill a Scrapbook or Photo album with photos.

2. Christmas cards– Most parents and grandparents don’t want anything, but a Christmas card is the perfect gift, it’s cheap and easy but they still get something cute that says you were thinking about them.

3. Home videos- A lot of the older home videos are on VHS, so maybe converting all of the old videos to a DVD would be helpful, and you can watch them on Christmas!

4. Craft made by kids– For the grandparents especially, there’s something so sweet about something handmade, such as Handprint crafts, or some specially made Christmas cards.


Gift Ideas for Neighbors or Friends of the Family:

1. Gift Baskets– I’m so excited for these! It’s nice to buy things in bulk and turn it into a ton of different gift sets, personalized and full of goodies! Some examples are a Hot cocoa Kit, Movie night set, or even a Date night package!

2. Throw blanket

3. Christmas cards

What is this list of Christmas gift ideas for the whole family missing? Let us know in the comments!

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