Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll ACTUALLY Like

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Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It celebrates my biggest achievement in life; becoming a mother. I’m a firm believer that it is important to show your gratitude for your mother every day of the year, but why not dedicate a whole day just for her? Make sure to use these Mother’s Day gift ideas to your advantage, and get her something she’ll love! 

mothers day gift ideas

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Grown Up Children

1. Personalized Items:

You can never go wrong with a gift that is unique to your mother. Whether it makes her laugh or cry, as long as it shows the connection between you two, it will do!

  • Mother/Daughter Bracelet-  let your mom wear something every day that reminds her how much you love her.
  • Retake a photo with your siblings from your childhood– These are hilarious! Try to completely duplicate the photo of when you were kids, so you can give them to her side by side and give her a good laugh.
  • Mother-Daughter Long Distance Mug -This mug is so cute if you live in a different state than your mother, custom order it and have it sent right to her!

2. DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

This is especially fun with grandkids but works well just from older children as well. Some homemade ideas are listed below– 

  • Mason Jar Gift- Create a mason jar that says “365 things my mother taught me,” and she can take one out every day. Some ideas are “You taught me to be kind to others” or they could be funny, like “You taught me that dish soap, and dishwasher detergent are NOT the same thing” to signify a funny moment that happened when you were young.
  • MOM Photo Collage Sign – This photo collage sign is SO cute. It’s cheap, but it takes work. Totally worth the time investment!


3. Simple Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

The goal with simple gifts is to get her something free or cheap, that shows that you know her! Here are a few examples:

  • her favorite flowers
  • a homemade card with kids pictures
  • make her dinner
  • something that feeds into her passion; gardening tools, scrapbooking stuff, a book, etc.
  • anything simple that shows you know her well

Super sweet and simple Mother’s Day Gift Idea- If your mom always read you a special book, get her a copy of that book and write a memory, or something sweet inside the cover.

***Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Fathers and Young Children***

It is a fathers job to teach children from a very young age that it’s important to celebrate their mother for being so selfless and dedicated to their family. So I am making this post of Mother’s Day gift ideas from older children, and from fathers with younger children. Let me know what you think!

1. Photo Shoot:

Plan out a session with a photographer to get family pictures taken. It’s like pulling teeth for me to get my husband to take family pictures, so if he were to offer… I would be all over that! If you want to go all out then you could even get her a gift card to somewhere to get her nails and/or her hair done for the photos. Also, I’m currently planning a photo shoot with these super cute family outfits! So if your wife is into this kind of thing, do it! It’s a gift that keeps on giving, every time she looks at the photos!

2. Homemade Craft/Home Decor:

Anything you go out of your way to make will mean the world a mother. You can do crafts with your children’s handprints, or photos. If you have any recent family photos you can print them out, or make a photo album/scrapbook. If you choose to do a homemade gift, do your best! Show her she’s worth the effort it took. These ideas are super cute and fairly simple!

24 Easy DIY Gifts for Mothers Day


3. Something Personalized:

These are the kinds of gifts that are fairly simple, like jewelry or household objects, but they mean so much more because you personalized them!

For example, you could get her a necklace or bracelet with your children’s birth dates to signify the days she became a mother. Also, you could have her something made. One of my favorites is a wine glass that says, “Mommy’s Sippy Cup” and then you could get her a bottle of her favorite wine. Here are a few more ideas!

  • Mommy’s Sippy Cup– If she’s a wine drinker, this wine glass is so cute!
  • Make her something- Make her a craft, print out and frame an important photo, etc.
  • Customized Cutting Board- A cutting board is perfect because odds are she uses it often, and it might just make her smile every time she makes dinner!
  • Write her a love letter- Pour your heart out, and I guarantee you’ll melt hers.
  • Family Tree Necklace with Personalized Birthstones- This necklace is adorable. It’s important for moms to be reminded that their family will always think highly of them.


4. Do something unexpected:

If you don’t normally clean the house, let her wake up to a clean house and breakfast. Maybe you guys don’t get to vacation very often, surprise her with a family trip, however small it needs to be to fit your budget. If you know she’s been wanting to accomplish something that she just hasn’t had time for, make it possible for her. Time is a very useful gift!

5. Something Sentimental:

My favorite of them all! I’m all about sentiment. There’s something so satisfying to know that someone knows you all the way down to the core, and they are able to express that knowledge of you through a gift… whether it’s free, cheap, or a million dollars– it doesn’t matter.

Give her a gift that makes her think “I didn’t know he knew that about me”.


I hope you found these Mother’s Day gift ideas helpful! Let me know what your favorite go-to gifts for Mother’s Day are in the comments!

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38 Replies to “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll ACTUALLY Like”

  1. The winner for me: let mom wake up to a clean house!
    All are wonderful ideas. Love your Lornadoodle cookie story!

    1. Thank you! I love a clean house! But it becomes more and more foreign as my toddler grows older haha

  2. I love the 365 day jar—that is the absolute sweetest! My mother would love it. Great post. Thank yoU!

  3. These are great gift idea! I agree the handmade and/or sentimental ones are always the best gifts! 🙂

  4. That 365 jar is so fun! I’ve never heard of that before. And I know I would love the “something unexpected”. I love a surprise!

    1. I do too! As long as I don’t know I’m getting a surprise, because then I’ll ruin it for myself!

  5. My mom’s favorite gift for Mother’s Day is her favorite cake, almond cake or cupcakes and I make it for her every Mother’s Day and even for her birthday.

  6. Such a wonderfully written article.. will definitely take some cues from this. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. These are all great gift ideas! I would personally love a house keeper for mothers day lol.

    1. Me too! Sadly I’m super picky about cleaning, so I would still find stuff to do! Lol

  8. I love all of these ideas, especially the photo shoot. Bonus points is if its all planned, outfits picked out and everything, so all I would have to do is show up!

  9. Great tips! A BIG fan of the doing something unexpected or helping out in a surprising way. Those types of things are big hits with my mom.

  10. I love your gift ideas! Personalized and unexpected gifts really do provide a nice touch and make the receiver feel special. 🙂
    xo, SC //

  11. Really nice ideas. Never thought of a photo shoot. Personalized stuff is always precious!

  12. such a great post especially for mother’s day. always looking for good gift ideas for moms!

  13. Personalized gifts are always a win for my mom and mother-in-law they love them! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas(:

  14. All of these are such great ideas. My favorites are homemade gifts. They are unique and you can save it and show them when they are grown. I cherish homemade gifts more than anything.

  15. Love the photo shoot suggestion for timeless memories. Super glad you mentioned that. 🙂

    1. Yes! I just thought of it the other day and thought it would be so fun for Mother’s Day

  16. These are great gift ideas! I love the ideas of a photo shoot. Pictures are one of my favorite things ever! I’m a big fan of the gifts the kids make in school. I think they are my favorite.

    1. Yes! I can’t wait for our next family pictures! They always turn out so great. (:

  17. These are great ideas. I would so love all of them for Mother’s Day! I think one that I’ve never thought of is a photo shoot! Maybe it could be mom and all her kids and family or just a fun photo shoot she does just for herself! Love it!

    1. Yes! I actually l thought of this because my husband absolutely hates taking family pictures. So I figured, as a gift to me, he could do it one day of the year without complaining! Ha!

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