I SPY ABC practice

I SPY ABC Printable Worksheets for Kids

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It’s so exciting when your kids start to learn their ABC’s! It’s such a fun milestone. But they also have super short attention spans at that time. So it can be beneficial to find many different ways to entertain and teach them. That’s why we created the I SPY ABC printable worksheets for kids!

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Who will benefit from these alphabet worksheets?

These ABC printable worksheets are great for kids learning their ABCs and needing help with letter recognition.  Each alphabet worksheet has lowercase & capital letters to help kids with their reading skills and as they begin to practice writing.  These printable alphabet ‘I Spy’ worksheets are recommended for kids 3-6 years old who are getting ready for Preschool or Kindergarten. 

Here’s what makes these alphabet worksheets special

They double as coloring pages

These I SPY alphabet printable pages are also coloring sheets! So they can stay entertained longer, and it offers a variety of skill levels to practice.

For more advanced kids, you can have them practice coloring each letter in different colors!

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They incorporate lowercase and uppercase

Something I have always disliked is that most activity books, and movies, and shows that focus on the alphabet typically sticks to uppercase letters.

This is good and all because kids master the uppercase letters. But then they focus so long on the uppercase that they have a hard time with the lowercase letters. This was the case with my daughter.

So these printable alphabet practice worksheets are great to help young kids with letter recognition for both lower case and upper case letters.

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Whether you have a child going into preschool or kindergarten or needing extra help with recognizing their letters, these I Spy the Letter… alphabet worksheets are a great learning tool for you!

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I SPY ABC practice

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