The Ultimate List of Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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I just HAD to make a list of stocking stuffer ideas, because filling stockings is one of my favorite Christmas traditions! I always loved to get all the small things out of my stocking growing up because it seemed like it was a gift that kept on giving, I just kept pulling out more and more. Half of it was just individual pieces of candy, and I was totally fine with that! And since most items are just candy or small toys, it’s pretty cheap… and Santa loves cheap gifts!

If you struggle to fill the entire stocking while trying not to dump an entire bag of candy in there, here are some other ideas for everyone in the family!

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stocking stuffer ideas
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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him:

1. Cologne/Deodorant

2. Car freshener

3. Socks and underwear

4. Personalized keychain

5. Money clip or Wallet (Or the perfect combination!)

6. Tie

7. Flashlight

8. Sunglasses

9. Tape Measure

10. Beef Jerky

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her:

1. Perfume

2. Fuzzy socks

3. Compact mirror

4. Bath bombs

5. Jewelry

6. Make-up

7. Scentsy wax cubes

8. Love coupon book

9. Coffee cup/Wine glass

10. Craft SuppliesĀ 

Stocking Stuffers for Teens:

1. Headphones

2. Journal – Bullet journals are super popular right now!

3. Pen set

4. Concert/Sports event tickets

5. Phone case

6. Portable phone charger

7. Make-up

8. Hair Accessories

9. Video Games

10. Slingshot

Stocking Stuffers for Children:

1. Mini-game

2. Jump-rope

3. Crayons

4. Jacks

5. Monkey in a barrel

6. Fruit snacks

7. Chapstick/kids make up

8. Kids jewelry

9. Hotwheels cars

10. Glow sticks

11. Playdoh

12. Bubbles

13. Board books

14. Stickers

15. Slap bracelets

16. Silly putty

17. Legos

18. Fidget spinner

19. Bouncy ball

20. Barbie/Action figure

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone

1. Gift cards

2. Cash

3. Candy

4. Gum

5. Lotion/Sanitizer

6. Activity book

7. Movie

8. Snack food

9. Water Bottle

10. Book

Hopefully, you were able to get enough ideas from this list to fill your families stockings.

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What are we missing from this list of stocking stuffers? What are your favorite stocking stuffers to receive on Christmas? Favorite Christmas traditions? Let us know in the comments!
stocking stuffer ideas for the family
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