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An Honest Review: Joyful Couple Relationship Card Games

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I recently had the pleasure of being gifted a few of the games Joyful Couple offers, and I am excited to share my review with our readers! If you don’t know what Joyful Couple is, it’s a company that created a TON of different card games for couples to play that will bring partners closer together.

This review will include what I liked and didn’t like, pros, cons, and a few other additional details that a potential buyer might find helpful! 

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What I Liked About the Joyful Couple Relationship Games

1. They Have A Huge Variety of Games

There are so many different games to choose from! They have two different categories; sweet and sexy! So whether you’re looking for something romantic or something a little more spicy, they’ve got you covered. 

They have games that are all about conversation, where you and your partner get to ask each other questions, and they also have games that give you challenges to do with your partner. 

Here is the list of games they currently have to offer:


  • Romantic Game
  • New Parent Game
  • Life Conversations


  • Foreplay Game
  • Naughty Game
  • Kinky Game
  • Kinky Challenges
  • Naughty Scenarios
  • Naughty Conversations

All of the decks of cards are also broken up into different categories, typically starting with “warm-up” questions or challenges and getting progressively more and more adventurous. This is great for working your way up to some of the more intense challenges and conversations. 

2. You Get A Lot of Cards In Each Game

The games will last you quite a while because they have a lot of cards in each deck! The challenge games each come with 50 different challenges, and the conversation games come with 100 different questions. 

You can break your deck up into sections and work through each section at a time to make your game last even longer. Maybe keep out the cards you decide you like the most to use over and over again. 

3. It’s A Great Way to Grow Closer To Your Partner

Growing both physical and emotional intimacy with a partner can be challenging and sometimes a little uncomfortable. Not giving or receiving intimacy is a common marriage issue that can lead to stress on a relationship. These games make it more fun to be vulnerable and grow closer with your partner. 

Playing these games together is a great way to practice vulnerability and be more open with your partner. It makes it easier to open up and be more comfortable with someone when they are doing it with you. 

4. It Can Help You Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you or your partner struggle with going out of your comfort zone, trying new things or asking to change things up, these games are a great way to do it. Instead of having to ask to try things, the game suggests tons of different ideas that range in level of adventure. 

It’s quite helpful that the games are broken up into levels, so maybe if this is new or uncomfortable for you or your partner, just start with the “warm-up” portion of the deck of cards. Then you can work your way up to the more exciting challenges as your comfort allows. 

5. It’s A Lot of Fun

TheseThese games really are a lot of fun. The two I have personally played so far are the Naughty Game and the Naughty Conversations, but looking at the previews of the other games on their website, they all look so fun! 

These card games would make a great date night activity! Don’t forget to check out our list of cheap and easy date night ideas for more dates that would work in combination with these games as well! 

6. The Games Would Make Awesome Gifts

All of these games would make great gifts! There are tons of different ways to give these games as gifts. Here are a few instances where these games would make perfect gifts!

  • Valentines Day
  • Partners Birthday
  • Wedding Gift
  • Bachelorette Party/Bridal Shower Gift
  • New Parents (There is a game specifically for new parents!) 

7. They Have A Few Fun Accessories You Can Use With the Games

Joyful Couple has a few accessories and extras on their website as well! They have pleasure ties, massage oils, and they even have a couples travel journal! There are also some printable relationship games that you can download and print if you’d rather print them than receive the actual card game. 

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Things to Consider Before Buying The Relationship Card Games

1. You Might Not Want To Do Every Challenge

Every couple is different. You and your spouse are likely to have things you would consider “off-limits” that other couples might not. It can be good to go through the deck and remove any cards you know that you and your partner are not willing to participate in. 

Luckily, because the deck is so big, you won’t miss a few cards. There are still so many challenges and questions, even after removing some. 

2. It’s Hard to Pick Just One – Consider Buying A Bundle to Save Money

It can be hard to pick just one game; they all look so fun! And buying multiple games can get a little pricey! Be sure to check out their bundle packages to save some money!

3. A Few of the Challenges Are A Little Difficult If You Have Kids At Home

Having kids at home can make having a good sex life hard in general, but a few of the challenges would definitely be harder to do with kids at home. You can always modify the challenge to make it work for your home situation. 

You can also take out the cards that might be difficult with a houseful of kids and save them for a special time when you and your partner have some alone time! 

Final Thoughts On The Joyful Couple Games

Overall, these card games were so much fun. I would definitely recommend them for any couple, no matter how long they’ve been together. For new couples, it’s a great way to get to know each other and learn more about each other. For couples who have been together for a while, it’s a great way to bring some fun and excitement into the relationship. Be sure to check out all the different games and accessories they offer for yourself! 

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joyful couple relationship card games review

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