One of the most exciting parts about being pregnant is getting to prepare the nursery! Heck, I was looking at nursery décor before I was even pregnant! So naturally, I wanted to start shopping as soon as I could. Of course, there are a few items that you know you need, like a crib or bassinet, and a changing table, etc. But there are definitely a few things that people might not think of. Here are a few of them!

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As soon as my baby started sleeping in her room, I realized that I didn’t have a nightlight. In my room we just left the closet light on and kept the door cracked. But in the nursery, I couldn’t see anything when I went to check on her, or to feed her. This is a MUST have.


Sadly, I didn’t think about getting a humidifier until the first time my baby got sick, and she needed it. One of the hardest things about being a parent is watching your baby be sick. There’s only so much you can do for them, so every little thing helps. A humidifier is a big help when they are having trouble breathing. I bought a cool mist humidifier, but I wish I would’ve gotten the warm mist. I also like to add in some essential oils to the humidifier like On Guard, Breath, and Lavender.

Noise Machine

I love noise machines, I feel like they help put the baby to sleep so much faster. And if they wake, they don’t wake so alarmed and scared. My humidifier is a great noise machine, but I don’t like to use it all night every night because its a pain to fill it up, as it doesn’t fit in the sink, and the filter needs changed often. So I used a mobile, this was perfect because it had multiple options, such as white noise, rain, and lullaby music. But it shut off after a while, and once my daughter was old enough to pull down on it, it was game over. So I suggest a simple noise machine, I love rain sounds!

Good Baby Monitor

Baby monitors can get so expensive, I believe mine was right around $175 (I bought it at target over a year ago, it’s much cheaper on Amazon now). I was skeptical at first, but now… I can gladly say that I would’ve paid more! It has a camera, so I can see the crib perfectly. The camera is adjustable so I can rotate it to look around the nursery. You can still see in the dark, it shows you the temperature in the room, theres a microphone so you can talk through it, you can adjust the volume, the monitor is portable, and has pretty good range, and it can connect to your phone, so you can also do everything from there. There are a few things I don’t like about it… the battery life doesn’t last long enough, I have to plug it in after an hour. And the music feature it offers is much too loud to utilize, and it isn’t adjustable. My daughter is one and a half now, and I still use the monitor for naps and bedtime, and I plan to use it for a long time!

Storage for Diapers, Wipes, etc. 

This is something I didn’t think of, until I realized how much I needed it. Right next to the changing table I have an organizer that is the same height. On top of it is the humidifier, and the wipe warmer, which I had no place for before. And in the drawers are diapers, extra wipes, diaper genie refills, extra lotions and soaps, unmatched socks, and a few things I can hand to her to distract her while I change her.

Rocking Chair

Most people think of buying a rocking chair, but a lot of people buy the glider style, I did. But now I know that was a mistake. If I realized how much I would be in that chair, I would’ve invested into a better one. At first, I basically slept in it. I was in there to feed the baby, burp the baby, rock the baby, hold the baby, everything! Heck, I still use it to work on my website while she’s playing. And I often found myself uncomfortable after 5 minutes. I like to sit at an angle, but in that chair it kills your back. I wish I would’ve bought this style, it has the same rocking motion of a rocking chair, but the comfort of a recliner. If I have another baby, I will be buying this!

Closet Organizing Tools

At first, I didn’t see this as super important, until I found myself forgetting about clothes and shoes my daughter had, and then by the time I found them they were too small. There are two things I suggest having in your closet. First, size divider rings that hang on the rack to organize clothing by size. Second, some shelving/boxes. I have 6 of these cute cube boxes, one for shoes, one for socks/tights, one for pants, one for swimming stuff, one for extra blankets, and one for the clothes I have that she will soon grow into.

There are so many things to fill your nursery with, but sadly… a lot of the important ones you don’t realize you need until you need it. What are some things you feel were super beneficial to your baby’s nursery?

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