The Ultimate Nursery Checklist – All The Must Have’s

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One of the most fun parts of being pregnant is preparing the nursery! Whether you’re wanting all of the bells and whistles, or you’re striving for more of a minimalist approach, you will want to make sure you cross every item off your nursery checklist, to make sure you’re ready for your new little bundle of joy to arrive!

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Do you have everything you need for your baby’s nursery? Go through this nursery checklist and find out!

The Big Stuff:

1. Crib – A crib is pretty important, unless you are planning on solely co-sleeping. You can go for the traditional crib, or try a mini crib, which is perfect for smaller rooms, or if you’re wanting to put the crib in your bedroom for a while. Along with the crib, don’t forget a mattress, and crib sheets! Opt out for the crib bumpers, as they’re proven to be unsafe.

2. Changing table – Changing table’s aren’t a necessity, but definitely a nice luxury. Some people opt for the traditional changing table, and some just convert a dresser into a changing table, so they can use the storage underneath! OR you can try out this super cool new crib attachment changing table. 

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3. Chair – If there was anything I would do over with my baby, it’s to get a recliner, and NOT a glider or rocking chair. While I had the glider, I liked it! However, I later got a recliner and realized what true comfort was!

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4. Baby monitor – For the mom who is up all night making sure they’re baby is breathing adequately, and wondering if they’re baby rolled over on their stomach, if their hand is stuck in the railing, etc., a good baby monitor is a MUST!

Baby monitors can get so expensive, I believe mine was right around $175 (I bought it at target over a year ago, it’s much cheaper on Amazon). I was skeptical at first, but now… I can gladly say that I would’ve paid more!

It has a camera, so I can see the crib perfectly. The camera is adjustable so I can rotate it to look around the nursery. You can still see in the dark, it shows you the temperature in the room, there is a microphone so you can talk through it, you can adjust the volume, the monitor is portable, and has pretty good range, and it can connect to your phone, so you can also do everything from there.

The Small (But Super Important) Stuff

1. Breastfeeding station – A breastfeeding station is SO nice. You don’t realize how many things you need easy access to until you don’t have it. Burp rags, extra burp rags, nursing pads, nipple butter, your breast pump, wipes for clean up, the list is long!

This style has become pretty popular. It’s a little on the pricey side, but the convenience of being able to roll it around the house, and have easy access to your stuff makes it worth it!

Don’t forget to check out this awesome online course: The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

2. Nightlight – You might not think about getting a night light until you realize changing diapers and feeding the baby in the dark isn’t working. There are so many different styles of nightlights, but I don’t recommend the kind that is flat and flush with the wall. They really don’t provide enough light to do anything. I like this style!

3. Humidifier – A humidifier is another often forgotten item because you’re not desperate for it until the first time your baby gets sick, and breathing is difficult for them. There are two types of humidifiers, warm mist, and cool mist. They both have their pros and cons.

4. Noise machine – Noise machines are so much more helpful than you’d expect. Being inside your tummy, your baby is used to constant noise. So a noise machine can be comforting, whether it’s white noise, rain sounds, lullaby type music or the super cool new shusher. You can experiment and see what works best!

5. Storage for Diapers, Wipes, etc. – Having storage that is right next to the changing table, at the same height was so helpful. You’ll often need to be able to get to these things with one hand, and having to reach too far is just not doable.

You can use a plastic three drawer container to hold diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, diaper genie inserts, baby lotion, and most importantly… toys or random items to use to distract them while you’re trying to change them.

6. Closet Organizing Tools – Organizing your babies clothes is a great time saver, as well as it helps you to make sure you’re seeing all their clothes, and you’re not forgetting about outfits and not getting good use out of them.

A few helpful organization tools are these size divider rings if you plan on hanging baby clothes, or these in drawer dividers if you’re planning on storing clothes in a dresser. And these cute cube boxes for shoes, socks, pants, extra blankets, and all of the other random things that you can’t hang up!

7. Diaper pail – While diaper pails might seem like a waste of money, they are REALLY nice to have. Diaper genies are convenient, and the container itself is rarely cheap. The alternative is to get a metal step-to-open trash can, which is more expensive… but trash bags are a TON cheaper than the diaper genie refills.

8. Nursing pillow – Boppy pillows are amazing. Not only are they super helpful for nursing, but they’re great for laying baby on, and helping stabilize them while learning to sit up.

There are so many things to fill your nursery with, but sadly… a lot of the important ones you don’t realize you need until you need it. What are some things you feel were super beneficial to your baby’s nursery? We would love to add your ideas to our nursery checklist! 


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