Oaxis Sketch Book Review: My Honest Opinion On the myFirst Sketch Book

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Having a daughter who absolutely loves to draw and do art, I was very excited to have the opportunity to review this drawing tablet! I was gifted this Oaxis Smart LCD Writing Pad so that I could write the Oaxis Sketch Book Review. This is my honest review, and I can’t wait to share it with you all! 

oaxis sketchbook

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What I Liked About the Oaxis Sketch Book

1. It’s High Quality

The myFirst Sketch Book definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s a lot better quality than what I was expecting! My daughter used to have an LCD writing tablet with the erase button feature, so I suppose I was expecting something similar. And while it does the same thing, it’s just a lot better quality, with more cool features included! 

The tablet, as well as the stylus, are much higher quality than your average drawing tablet. They seem like they would last a lot longer and be more durable. 

2. It Comes With Spare Tips

The spare tips were one of the most exciting features for me! There are different size tips included so that you can swap them out. But I was most excited because my daughter’s last stylus tip broke, and we couldn’t find a replacement pen or tip. If we wanted a new stylus, we would’ve just had to buy a whole new tablet, which felt like such a waste. 

Knowing the tablet comes with spare parts is reassuring because if you lose or break the tip of the stylus, you have extra or can purchase more! You won’t be out the whole tablet because of it. 

3. It Includes A Case for Protection

Another really great feature of this tablet is the protective case that comes with it. If you’re going to spend money on something, you want it to last. And that can be more difficult with young kids. 

With the protective case, your sketch book will be more protected from potential spills, drops, or having things set on top of it. It’s a must-have for kids! 

4. You Can Save Your Child’s Drawings

What really stands out about the Oaxis Sketch Book is its ability to save the drawings your children create. On the tablet, there’s a button that allows you to “share” the drawing before your child erases it. 

Oaxis created an app for your phone that allows you to send a copy of the drawing to your phone so you can save it forever! The one downfall to LCD drawing tablets is always having to erase and lose your kids’ drawings before being able to use them again. Well, no more! Now you can save them. 

5. It’s A Great Way to Cut Down On Screen Time

If you are trying to cut down or eliminate screen time for your kids, this LCD tablet is an awesome tool. While it looks like a tablet, it’s only for drawing or writing. No internet, games, etc. 

This tablet is perfect for on-the-go as well. So you can take it with you anywhere and have a screen time free distraction for the kids. 

If you still want to incorporate some screen time for your kids but are looking for ways to make it more beneficial, check out our screen time guide for kids

myfirst sketchbook

Things to Consider Before Buying the Oaxis Sketch Book

1. It’s Re-Chargeable

I did not realize the Oaxis tablet was re-chargeable until opening it! Most LCD tablets are not. This is another feature that makes this tablet a lot better quality and more high-tech than others. Although, you also have to remember to charge the tablet and the stylus. 

Both the tablet and the stylus have an auto-shut-off to preserve battery life, making it more manageable! But if you or your child can get into the habit of plugging it in each night before bed, it won’t be an issue! 

2. It Doesn’t Come With The Wall Adapter for Charging

Most electronics don’t come with the wall adapter for charging anymore, so this is pretty normal. But just as a heads up, the Oaxis tablet comes with a charging cord for the tablet and the stylus, but you are required to get your own wall adapter cube for a USB cord. 

Wall adapters are cheap and easy to get, and you likely already have a bunch in your house from other electronics.

my first sketchbook lcd tablet

Final Thoughts On the Oaxis Sketch Book LCD Writing Tablet

This tablet is definitely going to get its use from my daughter! I would recommend this tablet for children of any age child. It’s excellent quality and worth the money. Feel free to check out this tablet for yourself! It’s great for road trips with kids, waiting rooms, restaurants, plane rides, and anywhere else!

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