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400+ Super Cute & Unique Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Choosing a name for your baby is one of the HARDEST parts of having a baby! But, it’s also one of the most fun parts too!

Some of the baby names nowadays are super outdated, and some are modern, but just totally ridiculous!

Here’s a list of over 400 attractive, unique baby names for girls and boys to help you give a few ideas on choosing the perfect name for your sweet baby! [Read More…]





Having a Baby on a Budget– What You DON’T Need for Baby

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Having a baby can be a pricey venture, but it doesn’t have to break the bank!

As a first-time mom, you may have the urge to buy everything under the sun, but you have to fight it! You really don’t need a ton of things to raise your baby.

You CAN have a baby on a budget! Check out this list of things you shouldn’t waste your money on. [Read More…]






The Ultimate List of Baby Registry Must Haves

baby registry, baby registry must haves, baby registry checklist, preparing for baby

Yay! It’s time to start figuring out what to get before the baby comes. Creating a registry can be so fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Not to worry, we’ve created a mega list of what to put on a baby registry, so you can make sure you’ve got everything you’ll need!

  • What is a baby registry
  • Where should you create a baby registry
  • What are the best items to put on a baby registry
  • What should you NOT put on a baby registry
  • [Read More…]




The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom, Dad, and Baby

hospital bag checklist, hospital bag,

There’s nothing that says “we’re about to have a baby!” then packing your bag to take to the hospital. And this article will tell you exactly what to pack in a hospital bag. You will find a ton of hospital bag checklist articles that seem like they are have everything you could possibly need. However, this article is the minimalist list of what to bring to the hospital. You do not want to over pack, because the last thing you want to do is carry a bunch of baggage into the hospital while you’re in labor, and deal with tripping over it all in the tiny hospital room. If you can, try to pack mom and dad’s things together in one bag and baby’s things in the diaper bag. Two bags means one trip! [Read More…]





The Ultimate Online Prenatal Class

prenatal class online, chikdbirth class

Choosing a birthing class can be a tough decision! This article will help you decide if you should take a prenatal class, and help you determine if you can benefit from a prenatal class online.


[Read more…]







8 Things You’ll Need If You’ll Plan To Breastfeed

breastfeed, breastfeeding, nursing, what will i need for breastfeeding, nursing, baby, newborn, breastfeed my babySo you plan to breastfeed? That’s awesome! I knew the minute I found out I was pregnant I wanted to nurse. But I can definitely say I wasn’t prepared for it.

I wasn’t prepared for the pain, or the pumping, or the constant anxiety over having too much or not enough milk. But, I did it. And you can. Lucky for you I have made this list of things you will want to have on hand before you have your baby. [Read More]





100+ Adorable Disney Baby Names

baby names, disney baby names, disney inspired baby names,

Choosing a baby name is one of the most fun, and also most stressful parts of having a baby. Some people use family names, some use names that are inspired by nature, history, or movies, and some people use Disney baby names! Why? Because Disney is the best.

[Read more…]







The Ultimate Guide to Gaining Minimal Weight While Pregnant

gain minimal weight while pregnant, pregnancy diet and exercise
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While gaining weight during pregnancy is completely necessary, it isn’t good to gain TOO much weight. Gaining too much weight can cause multiple health issues, such as high blood pressure and premature birth, it will also make losing the weight after baby so much harder! Learning how to gain minimal weight while pregnant doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes dedication!

[Read more…]





How to Induce Labor Naturally

induce labor, induce labor naturally, induce labor safely
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our due date has come and gone, and you’re beginning to wonder “will I be pregnant forever?! Well, we’re here to give you our personal advice on how to induce labor naturally. You’ll get to read about 10 different tricks women have used to jumpstart their laboring process.


[Read more…]






7 Postpartum Secrets Revealed- What They Don’t Tell You About Recovery After Both

Ever wonder what really happens during the recovery after giving birth? Check out these 7 postpartum secrets that no one tells you about! Having a baby is an amazing experience, but what happens after can be challenging. Taking care of your body after baby, and a newborn can be hard. So make sure you are prepared for what's to come!

During your pregnancy, you might think being pregnant is the most stressful part of having children. And then after some time being pregnant, you’ll start thinking that pregnancy isn’t all that bad, it’s giving birth that is going to be the hardest part. The closer to your due date you get, the more you realize that what comes after you give birth is truly the most difficult. As a first time mom, you just don’t know what to expect. This article will reveal the postpartum secrets that no one tells you about, here’s what recovery after giving birth is really like! [Read More…]




Wanting A Natural Birth? 10 Moms Share Their Tips, Tricks & Birth Stories

natural birth, natural childbirthNatural Childbirth used to be the only form of childbirth. Since epidurals and pain relievers came along, natural and unmedicated births were no longer the norm. However, natural births are slowly back on the rise! If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re considering (or set on) having a natural childbirth.

In this article you will find:

  • benefits of having a natural birth for mom and baby
  • tips for having a natural birth
  • techniques for managing pain & relaxation during labor
  • stories from moms who had a natural birth. [Read More…]


7 Effective Tips for Relieving Back Pain During Pregnancy

relieving back pain during pregnancy, back pain, third trimester, how to relieve back pain, pregnancy back pain,

Pregnancy comes along with many changes in the body due to ongoing hormonal activities and development of the baby. Some of the changes are physical while others are emotional. To some people, the journey is smooth while on others they experience a lot of challenges with the majority suffering from back pain. As the baby grows, you may experience aching, pain and soreness. [Read More…]





Nursery Necessities – Things You Probably Forgot to Get

nursery essentials, nursery necessities, what you need for baby, nursery checklist One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is getting to prepare the nursery! Heck, I was looking at nursery décor before I was even pregnant! So naturally, I wanted to start shopping as soon as I could. Of course, there are a few items that you know you need, like a crib or bassinet, and a changing table, etc. But there are definitely a few things that people might not think of. Here are a few of them! [Read More]





The Ultimate Pregnancy To Do List for All Three Trimesters

pregnant, what to do after you find out you're pregnant, pregnancy,When you decide to take that test, you know there’s a possibility that you could be pregnant, but until you see it with your own eyes, you won’t believe it. When that positive sign shows up, you’re flooded with so many emotions. Whether you’re excited, nervous, upset, or just too surprised to know how you feel, there are some things you have to do as soon as possible! [Read More]








9 Super Weird (But Totally Normal) Things That Can Happen To Your Newborn

newborn, what to expect, is it normal for a baby, Babies are one of life’s greatest joys, and biggest stressors! After your baby is born, you can’t help but to worry about every freckle, every hiccup, every cry, and every movement! And guess what? That’s okay! We all worry. But hopefully, I can set your mind at ease by telling you about these seven super weird, but totally normal things that can happen to your newborn. [Read More]





101 Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Something For Every Budget

baby shower, baby shower ideas, baby hsower gift ideas, baby boy, baby girl, I’m the kind of person that likes to go all out on gifts, especially baby shower gifts…because babies are just so fun to shop for! Although, shopping for baby items can be stressful, and expensive. So I’ve created this list of 101 Baby Shower Gift Ideas that will fit into anyone’s budget! I’ve included links to the products I suggest. [Read More]

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