What to Put On A Baby Registry – The ULTIMATE List Of Must Have’s

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Yay! It’s time to start figuring out what to get before the baby comes. Creating a registry can be so fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Not to worry, we’ve created a mega list of what to put on a baby registry, so you can make sure you’ve got everything you’ll need!

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What is a Baby Registry?

A baby registry is a list of all of the baby items you want to get in preparation for the baby. You can create your list online, and share it with friends and family, so they have a list of gift ideas to get you.

What is the Best Place to Create a Baby Registry?

Amazon’s baby registry is the way to go. Why? Well, for a few reasons. First, there are so many people out there who have amazon prime. This is perfect because they get free shipping, AND they can order it two days before they need it, and still get it on time. Which is perfect for all of the people who wait until the last minute. Also, it’s super simple to create a registry, especially with how many items they carry. They have everything!  A lot of people also like Target and Buy Buy Baby’s baby registries.

The Ultimate List of Baby Registry Must Have’s:



  • Car seat- There are two different types of car seats out there for infants. Either a traditional infant car seat, or a convertible car seat that will last until they are ready for a high back booster. It would make sense to get the one that would last longer, to avoid buying two. However, you have to remember that you’ll be giving up a lot of conveniences. It is so nice to be able to just snap the car seat in and out of a base. Also, there are so many times your baby will be asleep in the car seat, and if you have the convertible one that doesn’t go in and out of the car, you have to get your sleeping baby out of the car seat. There’s also no taking your car seat into the grocery store, you will have to hold your infant.
  • Stroller- You can find a stroller/car seat combo that allows the car seat to snap right on to the stroller, which is really handy. If not, a jogging stroller is so much smoother and nicer to push!
  • Baby carrier- There are so many different types of baby carriers, but the two common types are the multi-use type carrier and the wrap style. It’s personal preference, but a lot of people swear by the wrap around baby carriers!
  • Diaper bag- There’s a traditional over the shoulder diaper bag, as well as a backpack diaper bag, which is the current popular trend, and for good reason. It’s a lot more convenient to carry it without having to constantly push it back onto your shoulder.



  • Crib/Bassinet- There are quite a few different options for sleeping, some people choose one and some choose all! You can get a bassinet, for that first little while that the baby is in your room. If you want your baby to sleep in a crib, you can get a traditional crib or try a mini crib, which saves space and is somewhat cheaper!
  • Co-sleeper- If you’re considering co-sleeping but you are worried about safety, try an in-bed co-sleeper. It’s so much more convenient to co-sleep, especially if you’re breastfeeding.
  • Pack and Play- Pack and plays are great for traveling, but even better for at home. If you get this BEST EVER pack and playset that comes with the bassinet insert and the changing table attachment, it’s the perfect little set up for in the living room, or even in your bedroom, and it can eliminate the need for a bassinet, and give you a convenient place to change diapers in the middle of the night.

Saving money tip: A pack and play can act as a bassinet, changing table, portable crib, and an enclosed play area, if you get the all-in-one convertible pack and play! (One of my favorite purchases!)


  • Diapers- Obviously a must. Remember to suggest NOT buying a bunch of newborn or size 1 diapers, as your baby will outgrow those quickly and you’ll have a ton leftover. Add size 2 and 3 to your registry!
  • Wipes- It’s easiest to get the big packages of refillable wipes, and then add it to these wipe containers. They make it easy to pop open and get a baby wipe out one-handed, without having to struggle to separate the wipes, and get the box open and closed again.
  • Changing table- Some people want a changing table, some people don’t use them at all. You can also use a dresser, with a changing mat on the top, to maximize space. If you get the pack and play, pictured above, it comes with a changing station, so you wouldn’t need to get a changing table!

Health & Safety

  • Diaper rash cream- With all of the different kinds, it’s hard to choose. You can even try multiple kinds to see which you like best. My daughter has sensitive skin, and we preferred the Aquaphor ointment more than any other kind we tried!
  • Nose sucker- This is a must! Stuffy noses are no fun, especially for babies who are trying to eat. It seems gross, but there is no better nose sucker than the NoseFrida. And no, you do not get any boogers what so ever in your mouth. (Here’s the knock-off version for half the price!)
  • First aid kit- A first aid kit usually comes with a thermometer, nail clippers, a comb, etc. However, you can easily just get a better quality thermometer instead of the first aid kit, and use a normal comb, and clippers instead.
  • Baby monitor/owlet- You can get a cheap baby monitor or a nice, high-quality monitor with a camera and sound. For the mom who worries a lot, the one with a camera is a must. And for the mom who worries a TON, the Owlet monitor is great. It measures heart rate and oxygen levels, and it alerts you if anything is off. Yes, it’s expensive, but it has also saved babies lives.


  • Hair and body wash- Out of all of the different brands, our personal favorite is
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    Aveeno baby.

  • Baby lotion- Aveeno baby for the win again! However, I just love that traditional baby lotion smell, but my baby’s skin didn’t care for it.
  • Baby bather- There are so many different kinds of baby bather options. There’s the chairs that go in the bathtub, as well as a full miniature bathtub for baby. I preferred bathing my baby in the sink. It took up so much less water, you’re not uncomfortably kneeling the whole time. They can’t topple over because they’re more enclosed, etc.


  • High chair/Booster- The two options are a traditional high chair, or a booster that attaches to a dining chair. The main benefit of a booster is that it will last for so long! My three year old still uses it. This booster comes with an attachable tray, so you can let them use the tray like a high chair, or take it off and just push them right up to the table with the rest of the family. It’s also easily portable!
  • Bottles- There are so many different kinds of bottles. We tried quite a few and we much preferred the NUK bottles more than any other kind.
  • Drying rack– If you’re going to be using bottles, a drying rack is really handy for not losing pieces.
  • Burp rags- Thick burp rags are a must. Thin ones are worthless!
  • Bibs- These bibs are easy to clean, and they catch a lot of the mess!
  • Pacifiers- Most newborns start off with the round, nipple style of pacifier, it’s usually what’s given at the hospital. Our personal favorite is the NUK pacifiers. They were the same shape as the NUK bottles, and they weren’t constantly falling out of her mouth.
  • Boppy Pillow- Also called a nursing pillow. These are a MUST! Not only are they super helpful for nursing, but they’re great for your small infant to lounge in, and they’re great for when your baby is first starting to sit up.
  • Nursing cover- A lot of people prefer the style that doubles as a car seat cover. But, this style is cheaper, and SO much better. It’s not wrapped entirely around you, so it’s not so hot. And at the top it has a bend, so you can look down and see your baby perfectly.
  • Nursing pads- There are disposable pads and there are reusable pads. The reusable are a lot more absorbent, and they will last through your entire breastfeeding journey.
  • Nipple cream- This is a non-negotiable if you’re planning to breastfeed. Your nipples will hurt at first, and the nipple cream will lessen the pain. Make sure to get a lanolin cream!
  • Milk storage bags- It’s nice to pump and put some milk into the freezer as a backup, in case you need someone else to feed the baby!


  • Onesies- This will be the majority of what your baby wears for a while, so you’ll want to stock up on them.
  • Socks- Baby feet get cold. Get some cozy socks.
  • Mittens- Mittens are a must, even in the summer. Mittens are more for helping the baby not to scratch themselves, and less for keeping baby’s hands warm.
  • Sleepers- These sleepers are SO much more convenient for changing diapers in the middle of the night. They’re comfy and warm and perfect!
  • Swaddlers- Swaddling is like magic. You can get yourself a swaddler, or you can get a swaddling blanket, which is my personal preference, after using both kinds. The muslin swaddle blankets are kind of pricey, but they’re worth it. There’s something about their quality that is just unmatched by any other blanket. They hold a swaddle so well, they’re perfectly breathable so you’re baby isn’t overheating, and they’re so soft.

Lounging Around the House

  • Bouncer/Docking Station- A bouncer is great for setting the baby down while you’re trying to get stuff done. The Baby Bjorn Balance bouncer is pricey, but it’s so cool. If the baby moves it all, it ever so slightly bounces a little bit, which is great for calming them and helping them to fall asleep. Also, the DockaTot is super popular right now. Check out this real mom DockaTot review!
  • Johnny Jumper- These things are hilarious. I’ve never seen a baby that doesn’t laugh hysterically every time they use them.
  • Swing- A swing saves your sanity during the day when you’re trying to get stuff done around the house.
  • Bumbo- Bumbos are great for baby’s who are old enough to want to see what’s going on, but not quite old enough to sit up or follow you around.

For the Nursery

  • Rocking Chair/Recliner- Most moms go for the traditional glider or rocking chair. Out of all of my purchases, I regret that one the most. I WISH that I would’ve just got a regular recliner. You will spend so much time in that chair. Get a comfy one that you can kick back and really relax on!
  • Nightlight- No one thinks about a night light, until they’re wandering through the house in the dark trying to make a bottle, change a diaper, etc.
  • Sound machine- Not a must have, but definitely nice. It’s helpful for soothing the baby.
  • Diaper pail- You should definitely get something with a lid for diapers. You can get the normal diaper pail, or the cheaper alternative, get a metal trash can with a lid that has the foot pedal. The trash can itself is more expensive than a diaper pail, but the trash bags are way, WAY cheaper than the pail inserts are.

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What Not to Put On A Baby Registry

  • Breast pump– You shouldn’t put a breast pump on your baby registry unless you now that insurance won’t cover it. Most insurance companies will cover an electric breast pump.
  • Breastfeeding clothes– Breastfeeding clothes are best bought in person so you can ensure you’re buying the right size. The sizes are sometimes funny! And you honestly have no idea what your size will be while you’re nursing.
  • Formula– Formula is tricky. A lot of times your baby won’t do well on certain formulas, and you’ll have to try different kinds to see what works best. So you don’t want to get a bunch of the same kind until you know it works well.
  • Nipple shield– Nipple shields aren’t for everyone. Most people don’t use a nipple shield unless they are struggling to breastfeed, so you don’t need to buy one just yet.
  • Crib Bedding– Not only is crib bedding a safety hazard, but it’s just a waste of money. There’s no need for a bed skirt or bumpers. You’re better off buying a pack of sheets, as that’s the only thing you’ll really need.

Don’t forget to start your Amazon Baby Registry! It’s a good way just to get a list of things together that you think you might want, and you can add to it later!

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