7 Safe Tips for Relieving Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy comes along with many changes in the body due to ongoing hormonal activities and development of the baby. Some of the changes are physical while others are emotional. To some people, the journey is smooth while on others they experience a lot of challenges with the majority suffering from back pain. And depending on the severity of the back pain, you may feel like you will take any advice you can get on relieving back pain during pregnancy. As the baby grows, you may experience aching, pain and soreness.

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Back pain is common in most pregnant women, and it is not worrisome unless it becomes severe and unbearable. There are many remedies available to help relieve back pain during pregnancy. These remedies can be applied when at home, but it is important to seek medical attention if the pain and discomfort become too much. Some of the remedies include:

1. Practice Good Posture

During pregnancy, the belly weight causes swaying of the lower back, as the center of gravity will tend to move forward. This causes the lower back to pain and the spine to strain. Practicing good posture will make you comfortable and free from back pains. Your body should be in a good posture when seated, walking or standing.

Ensure you keep your shoulders and back relaxed when seated, also ensure your buttocks touch the back of your chair when seated, put your feet flat when sitting, stand with your head straight and chin in, keep your feet apart when standing, sleep on a firm mattress and ensure you are sleeping on your side and wear a posture corrector to align your shoulders. The postures will make you more comfortable without any part of your body straining.

2. Wear A Maternity Belt

Maternity belt will provide optimal back, and abdomen support as your belly stretches during pregnancy. This belt will help to take away added weight and stress that causes soreness and lower back pain. This belt will also improve your posture and make you feel comfortable. This belt should only be worn a few hours in a day. It holds the belly up and prevents straining of the lower back and pelvic griddle.

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3. Do Prenatal Yoga

Yoga exercises will stretch your body, increase flexibility and improve strength. Prenatal yoga is recommended for women who gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, and it will help relief from aching joints, muscle pains and back pains.

Regular yoga poses during pregnancy will help to improve posture and emotional stress. It helps pregnant women relax their mind and have a better sleep. It also makes your body flexible and prevents straining of the back and pelvic bone.

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4. Wear Supportive Shoes

Pregnancy leads to shifting of the center of gravity, and you may not be in a position to comfortably wear some shoes such as high heels. Low heeled shoes are comfortable to wear during pregnancy, as they will provide support and maintain balance. Low heels are slightly raised, and they help to distribute weight on your legs, provide back support and make you more stable.

Avoid wearing flat shoes as they make your feet to strain to step the ground. Ensure the shoe you wear makes you feel and walk comfortably. The shoe should also provide support and balance.

5. Good Sleep Support

As the baby grows, it becomes difficult for most pregnant women to have a better sleep. It is recommended for you to sleep on your side when pregnant, and this position may make you uncomfortable since you are not used to it. Back pain can also give a pregnant woman discomfort, which makes them unable to sleep well.

To prevent back pain and provide support to your back, you should sleep on a firm mattress. Sleeping position for a pregnant woman should always be on your side, and you can have a pillow placed between your knees, as it helps in reducing back pain and straining of the pelvis. Getting enough rest and sleep will also play a big role in relieving back pain during pregnancy! 

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6. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy works by manipulating muscles and joints and this will relief pregnant woman from back pain. By massaging and applying pressure to the affected area, you will feel relaxed and have relief from pain. Physical therapy does not necessarily require supervision from an expert, and you can do it from home.

7. Meditation

During pregnancy, there are many physical and emotional changes taking place in your body as the days go. This causes both physical and emotional stress leading to aching of sacroiliac joints and back pain. Meditation is a deep relaxation technique, and it helps pregnant women to cope and overcome the emotional stress.

Meditation will also give peace of mind and lower blood pressure. It does not necessarily require an appointment, and you can access it anytime at any place.

Meditation can be practiced in various ways, and you can opt to listen to calm music or meditate in silence. You can also sit down in a still and quiet place and focus on inhaling, breathing mindfully and exhaling deeply.

Meditation is biological, and it elicits a relaxation response that stimulates your brain to release stress hormones. This helps to reduce the toxic effects of stress such as muscle tension and high blood pressure. Regular meditation helps to increase pain tolerance level, thus helping you to manage back pain.


There are a lot of changes taking place in your body during pregnancy. Some changes are physical while others are emotional. Majority of pregnant women experience back pain later as the pregnancy progresses.

It is important to check the possible causes of back pain and other discomforts experienced during pregnancy, as this will help you find an effective solution. Back pain is not a worrying sign in pregnancy unless it becomes too immense and troublesome.

There are available remedies that can help with relieving back pain during pregnancy while at home and you can seek medication if the situation becomes worse. Some of the available remedies are meditation, adopting a good posture; massage and practicing a good sleep position. I hope this article has given you some good things to try for relieving back pain during pregnancy, and you are able to go throughout the rest of your third trimester with ease!


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relieving back pain during pregnancy, back pain, third trimester, how to relieve back pain, pregnancy back pain,

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