How to Gain Minimal Weight While Pregnant – The Secret!

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While gaining weight during pregnancy is completely necessary, it isn’t good to gain TOO much weight. Gaining too much weight can cause multiple health issues, such as high blood pressure and premature birth, it will also make losing the weight after baby so much harder! Learning how to gain minimal weight while pregnant doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes dedication!

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How much weight should you gain during pregnancy?

The amount of weight you should gain is dependent on many things, but the main one being your pre-baby weight.

Women who were average weight should gain 25-35lbs. Underweight women should gain a little more, around 30 to 40 lbs. And overweight women should gain a little less, around 15-25lbs.

In general, you will only gain a few pounds during the first trimester, and about a pound a week starting in the second trimester, until the end of pregnancy.

Of course, this is just an average, and you should always check with your doctor to see what kind of weight you should expect.

How to gain minimal weight while pregnant: It’s fairly simple!

Similarly to losing weight, avoiding excess weight gain boils down to two important things, diet and exercise.

The “Belly Only Pregnancy Program” is the key to minimal weight gain during pregnancy! While this is a paid course, it is VERY affordable and packed full of information.

What does the “Belly Only Pregnancy Program” include?

  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • How to fight cravings
  • Losing fat while pregnant
  • Determining exertion
  • Workout plans for all three trimesters
  • Strengthening your pelvic floor
  • Preventing diastasis recti (abdomen separation)
  • Anti-nausea recipes
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Dessert recipes
  • Freezer meals for after baby is born

About the “Belly Only Pregnancy Program” Creator

The program was created by a girl named Katie! Katie studied nutrition in college, and went on to become a Pilates instructor. She is now a certified pre/postnatal exercise specialist. She has had three healthy, fit pregnancies. She put together all of the tricks she’s learned through her schooling, as well as TONS of personal experience, into this program so that other expectant moms can stay fit during their pregnancy too!

Katie also developed the Postpartum cure, a diet and exercise plan to help lose weight and heal your body after having the baby. If you purchase the Belly Only Pregnancy Program, you will get a 50% code for the Postpartum Cure as well!

Don’t forget to check out this Pregnancy To Do List, it’s got everything you need to do throughout each trimester, as well as what NOT to do while pregnant.

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