You’re Pregnant?! Now What…?

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When you decide to take that test, you know there’s a possibility that you could be pregnant, but until you see it with your own eyes, you won’t believe it. When that positive sign shows up, you’re flooded with so many emotions. Whether you’re excited, nervous, upset, or just too surprised to know how you feel, there are some things you have to do as soon as possible! *This post may contain affiliate links. You can learn more on our disclosure page.*

Start Taking A PreNatal Vitamin

PreNatal Vitamins are so important! One of the main nutrients in prenatal vitamins is folic acid, it’s REALLY important that you are getting enough folic acid during your pregnancy. If you are deficient, the baby’s development can be affected. Folic acid helps prevent Neural Tube Defects such as Spina Bifida.

Stop Taking Super Hot Baths and Don’t Go In Hot Tubs

Raising the body’s internal temperature to anything above 101 degrees can cause birth deformities. Hot tubs and saunas should be eliminated completely, and baths should be lukewarm. When you’re pregnant, aching, and uncomfortable, a hot tub sounds so relaxing! But don’t do it. It’s not worth the possibility of a permanent birth defect, or possibly even a life threatening condition.

Go See Your Doctor

You should make a doctors appointment to confirm the pregnancy, and get your first ultrasound. You can also ask your doctor about any concerns you might have. If your doctor doesn’t offer obstetric services, you can ask them for a referral to an OB. Personally, I like to see the same doctor for everything, so I go to a family practice that offers OB care, and they’re also very good with young children, so I don’t have to go to a separate office to see a pediatrician.

Refrain From Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, or Taking Any Potentially Dangerous Medications

This is probably the most important one! Stop smoking, and stop drinking completely. Drinking while pregnant can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which can cause physical and mental birth defects. Some studies show one glass of wine a day is safe, don’t do it! No amount is safe. It’s only nine months, it’s not worth the risk. You are growing someone inside of you, do your best to keep that sweet baby healthy. This includes being cautious of taking certain medications. To view a list of medications that are safe to take while pregnant, and which are not, click here!

Watch Your Diet

People often think that because they are pregnant, and they’re going to gain weight anyway… and that they can “eat for two”. Not true! You don’t need any extra calories your first trimester, and you only need 300-500 extra calories  in the second and third trimester. The last thing you want to do is to gain more weight than necessary, because when it comes to losing the baby weight, you’re going to wish you would’ve watched your diet a little better. You will feel much better during your pregnancy if you’re getting the right nutrients, and not over eating.

Take Pictures

Start taking pictures! I took pictures every 4 weeks of my pregnancy, and made a collage after I had my baby. It’s crazy to look back and see how much your belly grew over such a short time. Take some with your husband, take some with your dog, it doesn’t matter! Just take pictures! I actually wish I would’ve taken more pictures, we love to look back at our lives, and see how much different things are now.

Start Saving Money

Put away a set amount of money every time you or your spouse gets paid, even if it’s only $20. There are so many unexpected expenses that come up when you have a baby. And it can never hurt to have some money in savings in case of an emergency. You can even put some money away toward different things such as an emergency fund, nursery décor fund, diapers fund, anything you can think of that you might have to spend a chunk of money on.

Be Patient

This is the hardest, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. It may feel like time is dragging on while you wait to meet your little one, but trust me… time is going to start flying by and you’ll be wishing it would slow down. I remember being so anxious to find out the gender, and then so anxious to get the nursery ready, and then anxious to have the baby, and pregnancy, pregnant, mom, motherhood, first time mom, baby, new babythen anxious for the baby to crawl, and the list goes on. Now, I just want time to stop. As amazing as every milestone is, you are going to want to sit there and enjoy the moment, but it will fly by and you will just about miss it. So be patient mama! Enjoy the little things. Planning to Breastfeed? Here’s What You’ll Need! 

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  1. That fact about the sauna and the hottube is not true
    It’s never been proofd it’s bad for the baby, they die some tests en de core temprature of the pregnant women isn’t that high that it wil harm the baby

    • There have been a lot of studies that suggest otherwise. Being in hot water can cause a baby to develop neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. Better safe than sorry!

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