first trimester must haves for a happy and healthy pregnancy

13 Game-Changing First Trimester Must Haves

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The first trimester can fill you with so many emotions! From excitement and joy, to anxiety and stress, and everything in between! But if there’s any way to lesson all of the emotional rollercoasters you’re going to be on, it’s to be prepared. Make sure you have these first trimester must haves. They can be a game changer during those first three months! 

The Ultimate List of First Trimesters Must Haves

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1. Anti – Nausea Goodies

Morning sickness is no joke! It’s awful. Also, it’s misleading, because not every woman only experiences nausea in the morning, sometimes it can last all day. Another common morning sickness misconception is that it goes away after the first trimester. There are a lot of women who will agree that it improves after that, but there are also a lot of women who struggle with nausea their entire pregnancy. 

No matter how often, or for how long you have pregnancy nausea, you will want relief FAST. There are so many different things out there to help with the nausea that so many women swear by. 

Here are a few popular anti-nausea products:

2. Healthy and Light Snacks

Fatty foods can make nausea worse, not to mention you want to fuel your body with healthy foods while it’s working so hard to create life. Some women find it easier on their stomach to eat more, small meals or snacks throughout the day, rather than three big meals. 

Here are some snacks that are perfect for pregnancy:

  • Applesauce or Apples
  • Pretzels
  • Bananas
  • Toast
  • Bagel with cream cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Crackers
  • Oatmeal
  • Trail mix

3. PreNatal Vitamins

PreNatal vitamins are so important! During pregnancy, you need more of certain nutrients than you would typically. And a prenatal vitamin can help ensure you’re getting the right nutrients to promote healthy growth for your baby. 

There are A LOT of options out there. You can take pills, or there are also gummy options. If one prenatal makes you sick, or you don’t like it for some reason or another, try another one. Don’t stop taking it. Here is a list of the best prenatal vitamins of 2021.

4. Anti-Stretch Mark Lotion

One common concern that pregnant moms have is getting stretch marks from their pregnancy. There’s said to be a lot of factors in getting stretch marks, one being genetics. However, it can’t hurt to take care of your skin with some lotion or creams. 

Here are some popular anti stretch mark lotions:

5. Pregnancy App/Tracker

Pregnancy trackers are so much fun. You get to see real time updates on your baby’s size and development. Some can also help you keep up on your goals as well as your own health during your pregnancy. Not to mention they are typically packed full of information that every pregnant woman is going to be googling anyway! 

There are SO many different pregnancy apps and trackers out there, but here are a few that seem to be really popular and highly rated:

  • Stork
  • Pregnancy+
  • Ovia
  • Hi Mommy Pregnancy Tracker

6. Pregnancy Books

For the book readers out there, a pregnancy book can come in handy, as well as being a very informative read. There are also a TON of pregnancy books out there, but if you take the time to fish through them, you can find some really great ones that offer a unique touch. 

Here’s a list of highly rated pregnancy books I put together for another website! It’s full of 23 different styles of books for pregnant women, so there’s something for everyone! 

7. Pregnancy Planner

A pregnancy planner can also come in super handy. I always recommend this in depth pregnancy planner! This planner has 50+ resources! From to-do lists, to provider questionnaires, to pre-baby and postpartum checklists, to labor and delivery prep sheets and newborn care sheets… this planner has it all

8. An Awesome Water Bottle

It’s important to drink lots of water all the time, but even more so when you’re pregnant! So if you get yourself a water bottle that helps you to drink more water, that can help increase your water intake. I’ve noticed I drink a lot more water if the water bottle has a straw! Also, if the water stays cold for longer I am more apt to drink it! 

Everyone is RAVING about the Hydroflask water bottles right now, but they can be pricey! If you’re looking for a cheaper option, the iron flask is great!

9. Antacids

Heartburn during pregnancy is no joke! I’ve never had heartburn before, so I had no idea what was happening and I just thought I was dying. But, it was just heartburn. So having antacids, like tums, beforehand can be a lifesaver. Because you never know when it’s going to strike!

Some women experience heartburn in their first trimester, and others don’t experience it until much later. Some experience it their entire pregnancy. So be prepared! 

10. Pregnancy Approved Meal Plan and Workout Routine

A healthy mama promotes a healthy baby! It’s important to fuel your body with the proper nutrients, not only for your health but for your baby’s health too. And a lot of people think they shouldn’t exercise while pregnant, but it’s actually the opposite. It can be great for your body to get some exercise. As long as you aren’t in a unique, high risk situation, and your doctors gives you the all clear, exercise away! 

My readers really enjoy this Belly-Only Pregnancy Program. It has pregnancy approved exercise and diet regimens. The creator is a pre/postnatal exercise specialist who studied nutrition and physical therapy. Also, if you grab the belly only pregnancy program, she gives you a special promo code to her postpartum program as well! Out of all the first trimester must haves on this list, I think this one is definitely one of the most important and sought after products!

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11. Comfy Bras

This is a must! Your breasts are going to grow and they’re going to hurt. Something like a sports bra, or anything that’s comfortable and allows for room to grow will be great! 

However, I don’t recommend getting your nursing bra yet, because your breasts are going to be a lot bigger while breastfeeding, and you don’t want to get the wrong size because they can be pricey. 

12. Cratejoy box

If you haven’t heard of cratejoy, you’re missing out! Cratejoy offers SO MANY different gift boxes around many different themes. The Mama Bird Cratejoy boxes are so great! But they also have a million others to choose from, so look through them and see if there’s any you might enjoy, the self care boxes are really popular! 

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13. Pregnancy journal

A pregnancy journal can be a really fun keepsake! It’s fun to look back and remember those fun (or not so fun) memories. It can also be a useful tool in tracking important information throughout your pregnancy. 

There are a lot of different types and styles of pregnancy journals, but this one is super cute:

What do you think of all these first trimester must haves? Do you have any of them already, did any surprise you? 

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