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The 4 Absolute Best Toddler Underwear for Potty Training

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Out of all of the struggles that motherhood brings, and specifically the toddler stage, potty training has been my least favorite. Some people will say that it was a breeze, that their kid just picked it up immediately and they never had a problem after that. Well, they’re either all liars, or they have been blessed by God himself. However, one thing that I really appreciated was some good underwear. And I’m going to share with you the best toddler underwear for potty training. 

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Best Underwear for Potty Training

1. Thick Potty Training Underwear

I know that these are a lot more expensive than the cheap dinky underwear. But, they are SO worth the money. Because they are a much thicker fabric, if your child is having a slight accident by not getting to the potty fast enough, then these will keep you from having to change their pants as well. Much less laundry. 

Also, these are just so much more comfortable than the regular toddler underwear. They’re soft, and they’re not super tight around the thighs, which some of the other underwear can be and it can be very irritating to their skin. 

They are also true to size, and they come in all different colors and characters, which is important because you want your child to be excited about wearing big kid underwear. 

  • Gerber Training Underwear
  • Moo Moo Baby Cotton Training Pants

2. Cheap, Large Packs of Underwear

I know this is the total opposite of the last underwear I recommended, but hear me out – there is a reason! These underwear are great for once your toddler has it down pretty well, but is still having accidents here and there.

Sometimes, when you’re out in public or if you don’t have time to wash poopy underwear, you will likely end up throwing a few pairs away. I have thrown a lot away, in all honesty. Because if you don’t wash poopy underwear right away, it’s a nightmare. You’ll feel better about throwing these away because they’re pretty cheap. Especially compared to a lot of the other, more durable options.

Don’t forget to grab a printable potty training chart!

  • Fruit of the Loom – 12 pack
  • Hanes Tagless Briefs

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3. Leak Proof Underwear

This is the underwear you’re going to want at nighttime for a while! It will save you so much time, energy, and sanity. Instead of changing your toddlers underwear, clothes, all of the bedding, and possibly giving a bath in the middle of the night, you only have to change their underwear. Seriously genius.

And they’re not like crunchy, swim diaper covers like you might think they are. They’re cotton and they’re soft! No one would want to sleep in plastic style 

  • Max Shape Potty Training Pants
  • U0U Cotton Waterproof Underwear

4. Disposable Underwear (Pull-ups)

If you’re busy and you do not feel like washing underwear for the first little bit, pull ups are a great option. These are also great for nighttime, because sometimes it can take children a while longer to get fully potty trained at night. 

So there’s a lot of pros to pull ups. However, there are a few cons as well. One, it’s going to cost more than reusable underwear. Also, if you keep them in pull ups there is a chance they will just use it as a diaper and not want to even try to potty train. But, this just depends on the child. 

  • Honest Training Pants

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There’s so many options out there! But this list is a great place to start for the best toddler underwear for potty training. No matter what part of the journey you and your little one are on. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any other potty training underwear, and tell us if you liked them or if they were a bust! 

underwear for potty training

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