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What to Pack In A Diaper Bag – The Ultimate Checklist

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I have always been the type of person to overpack, so you can guarantee that my diaper bag is full of all the must have’s! I thought I would share with you guys all of the things I include on my diaper bag essentials checklist, so you’ll know exactly what to pack in a diaper bag! 

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Diaper Bag Essentials for Baby

  • Diapers/wipes
  • Diaper rash cream/baby powder
  • Changing pad
  • Blanket/burp cloths
  • Extra nursing pads, nipple cream, nursing cover (if nursing)
  • Container with extra formula, extra water bottle (if formula feeding)
  • Individual packets of formula for toddlers, in case you run out of milk
  • Spare pacifier
  • Extra outfits (in case of blowouts/throw up or if potty training)
  • Mini first aid kit (thermometer, nasal aspirator, nail clippers, etc)
  • Medicine kit (orajel, gripe water, tylenol/motrin, gas drops, etc)
  • Teething ring/toys
  • Plastic sack for dirty outfits, or if you’re not near a trash can and have to take a dirty diaper with you
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Handheld fan/spray bottle(my baby overheats in the summer very easily)
  • Snacks, so many snacks! (I love these snack cups! Great for the car!)
  • Sunscreen/sunhat
  • Extra bottle/sippy cup (my favorite sippy is this one, she loves the straw and she keeps herself entertained by opening and closing the lid)
  • Random items that baby has never seen before(if my baby starts getting fussy in public, I pull out a random item that she’s never seen before and it usually keeps her happy long enough for me to get done with whatever I’m doing, my daughter would rather play with a gum wrapper than her toys! A few items I have are my headphone case, an old credit card, a measuring spoon, the lid to her bottle…seriously, she loves this stuff!)

Diaper Bag Essentials For Mom

  • Extra shirt(for nursing, or being thrown up on)
  • Water bottle
  • Medicine (ibuprofen, allergy meds, etc)
  • Snacks/gum
  • Lady Products (tampons/pads)
  • Chapstick
  • Sunglasses
  • Wallet, keys, etc. (if you don’t want to carry a purse)

I know it sounds impossible to fit all of this into one diaper bag, but I do it! Here is a link to the diaper bag I currently use! I love that it has easy access to wipes, and insulated side compartments large enough for two bottles. It’s perfect for someone who likes to stay organized! Feel free to comment with your favorite diaper bag items! 

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diaper bag essentials

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