For all the men out there who ask their woman, “what do you want?”… Here you go! You’re welcome (;

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1. Take an Interest

take interestAcknowledge what goes on in her everyday life, and ask her all about it. Let her know that you care about even the smallest details. Ask her about her job, or her day. Frequently ask her what she’s thinking about, you would be surprised how often she has something on her mind that she needs to let out. I can speak from experience when I say that women sometimes get nervous to talk about what’s on their mind because they don’t want to come off as “annoying” by talking all the time. Make sure she knows that you would love to hear anything she has to say.

2. Provide Support and Encouragement

support and encouragementThis is so important in a relationship. I always feel as if I could use more support in everything that I do. Whether it’s my job, my current hobby, or my life long goals, I need encouraging. Tell her she can do it, and remind her that she is going to succeed and you will be right there beside her every step of the way. So many people give up on their dreams because they feel as if the world is against them. If they had someone who constantly reassured them that they could do it, and that they have someone in their corner at all times, giving up wouldn’t happen so often. There’s no better feeling than accomplishing your goals, so help her get there by supporting her in any way you can.

3. Sentiment

sentimentAny woman will LOVE something with sentiment behind it. There is something so satisfying about a man putting thought into something involving your relationship. When you get her a gift or take her out, try to add an element of sentiment. It can be as simple as playing a song in the car that reminds you both of a certain memory, or it could be some sort of grand gesture. Either way, she will love that moment where she thinks to herself, “he remembered.” My husband go me this “What I Love About You” book, and filled it out with truly meaningful answers. Not just compliments on my physical appearance, but things that show that he truly knows me, and appreciates me. Sentiment is my (and many other women’s) favorite part of romanticism. Every girl is a sucker for romance! 

4. Take her on More Dates

take her on dates You can never have too many dates, if you’re doing it right! Taking her on a date is your way of saying “I want some alone time with you so I can sit back and enjoy your company.” Now, dates might not be that exciting for her if you always take her to the same restaurant, and sit on your phone the entire time. Try changing up your dates, take her to do something that she would love, even if it isn’t necessarily your cup of tea. She will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness.

5. Compliments

complimentYou can never compliment your woman too much. Especially if it’s something that catches her off guard. For instance, my husband tells me every day I look great without make up on. I love that he does that. But when I take my time to do a dramatic eye effect, that is art. If he walked up to me and said, “wow honey I love your make up today, that must of taken you a while because it’s perfect.” I would probably cry tears of joy. Compliment her on things she doesn’t think you even notice. You’ll be surprised to see how much her confidence rises, and you’ll notice this glow coming off her as she smiles… and it might just be you’re new favorite feature about her.

6. Make Eye Contact

make eye contact to show her you love herThere’s nothing more pleasing than having someone stop what they’re doing, and look you right in the eyes as they tell you they love you. Eye contact can communicate things that our mouths cannot. There’s something so satisfying about sitting there staring someone in the eyes, until you can’t help but let out a huge grin. Knowing that you’re both just sitting there appreciating everything about the person sitting right in front of them, is such a wonderful feeling. Next time you see your lady just stare at her and smile, see how long it takes before she blushes and smiles back. Use to your advantage the fact that making her day better could consist of no more than eye contact. 

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  1. Man, I have been at fault many times for not doing this. The dates is definitely the hardest one since we don’t live near each other

    • Long distance is always hard, but I think it makes a relationship stronger because you are so much more grateful for the time you do get together.

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