printable lunchbox notes for kids

Printable Lunch Box Notes for Kids BUNDLE!

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Sending your kids off to school is an exciting milestone! Some kids are eager and more than ready to head off to school. And some kids are nervous and a little unsure.

It can be helpful to do little things to make your children more comfortable while they are at school. One thing you can do for your kids to remind them how much you love and miss them while they’re at school is to add these adorable printable lunch box notes for kids.

printable lunchbox notes

These lunch box notes are a great addition to their school day. Even if your kids don’t pack a lunch, you can add it as a sweet note to find in their backpack.

What’s even better is there are different versions to choose from!

1. Assorted Lunchbox Notes

This pack of lunchbox notes comes with 48 notes total:

  • 24 Cute Notes
  • 8 Lunchbox Jokes
  • 8 Positive Affirmations
  • 8 Finish the Sentence
  • 8 DIY Notes

This pack of lunch box notes is a printable, digital download. You will have lifetime access and can print as many copies as you like.

printable lunchbox notes for kids

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2. Positive Affirmations Lunchbox Notes

These printable kids positive affirmation notes are the perfect way to remind kids of their worth and purpose.  Whether you use them as lunchbox notes and make their day while they are at school or as a daily activity of encouragement, mindfulness, and empowerment, they are perfect for any young school-aged kid. This deck of positive affirmations cards for kids has 80 premade positive affirmations lunchbox notes and 16 unique blank card templates, so you can also personalize your own inspirational notes for your kids.  The cards are minimalist, boho style inspired, perfect for any kid!

This bundle comes with:

  • 80 Positive Affirmations for Kids (10 pages with 8 cards per page)
  • 16 Unique Blank Cards for either lunchbox notes or more positive affirmations (2 pages with 8 cards per page)

These lunchbox notes are a digital download, printable pdf. Print as many copies as you like. To make these re-usable, you can print on cardstock, or you can laminate them for maximum durability!

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If you can’t choose between the two because you like them both, check out the mega bundle HERE. You’ll find they are at a discounted price when purchased together too!

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