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130+ Printable Sight Word Flashcards for Kids Ages 4-8

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These Sight Word Flashcards are perfect for parents or teachers to help their child or student get ready to start reading. Whether you are looking for homeschooling worksheets or just some kid’s educational flashcards, these sight words are fun, easy to use, and reusable!

With 130 different sight words, your child is sure to have plenty of words to practice with! They can be printed and cut out before school starts for summer practice or they can help during school in conjunction with homework.

These printable flashcards are a great resource for kids ages 4-8 years old that are learning how to read. They are a fun way to learn and perfect their reading sight word skills.

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Here’s What Makes These Sight Word Flashcards So Great:

1. They come in a colorful rainbow pattern

What kid doesn’t want to practice reading with colorful rainbow flashcards? Each page has ten sight words on it with colors of the rainbow shaded throughout.

2. The words range in difficulty – great for any age

This pack comes with one-letter words all the way to six-letter words. Beginners can practice the smaller words while more advanced readers can practice the longer sight words.

3. There is an extra page with blank flashcards

There is also a page at the end with blank flashcards for you to add your other words like family names, friend names, book character names, spelling words, etc.

4. This download gives you unlimited copies and prints!

When you buy these flashcards, you can print as many copies as you want, as many times if you want – forever! It’s all yours. Try printing on cardstock or laminating your flashcards for the best quality and lasting durability. Laminating also makes the cards a great dry erase activity too!

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printable sight word flashcards

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