kids rewards punch cards

Printable Reward Punch Cards for Kids

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These printable reward punch cards for kids are a great way to start promoting your children with independence and responsibility at any age! They make it fun, and the motivation of the prize or reward at the end is sure to help your child master any needed behavior or responsibility.

With just a hole punch or page of stickers, you and your child will be on their way to improved behavior or more responsibilities around the house. Just sit down with your child and talk about the desired improvement and the reward that comes with complying. It’s as easy as that!

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Here’s what makes these Reward Punch Cards awesome:

1. They are fully customizable – great for any age

No matter your child’s age, you can write in exactly what behavior or responsibility your child is going to work on so they are completely individualized. Each punch card also comes with a reward coupon that has you write a specific reward catered for your child to help motivate them!

2. You can use them for multiple children

Each card has a line to write the child’s name that way you can personalize each card. Also, there are color-coded ‘You Did It!’ reward coupons where you can write individualized rewards for each child.

3. There are multiple cards per sheet

Once one behavior or responsibility is mastered, start working on a new one! Because of that, you can print as many copies of these punch cards and coupons as you want, as many times if you want – forever! It’s all yours.

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kids rewards punch cards

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