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7 Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish for Kids

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As a parent, it’s natural to be concerned about your child’s health, even if it’s concerning the littlest of things. Like nail polish. Sadly, a lot of nail polish has toxic chemicals and other ingredients that’s not healthy for children, especially considering how often their hands are in their mouth. So it’s important to find a non toxic, safe nail polish for kids. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list! 

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1. Klee

Klee kids nail polish is a water based polish. They have tons of fun colors to choose from. They are 100% non-toxic, paraben free, and cruelty free. 

Klee also offers other kids and tween makeup, as well as hair and body care. Cool right?! You can see the rest of their products here

2. Piggy Paint

Piggy paint is one of the more popular kids polishes out there. It is, ofcourse, non-toxic and safe for kids. But what wins me over on the piggy pain is that it’s odorless! Regular nail polish smells awful. They have lots of bright, fun colors.

They also have another nail polish that is geared towards adults, and they have a kids hair product line. 

3. Abitzon Honey

Abitzon is a water based polish. It’s quick dry, and easy peel off – no need for nail polish remover. I love their colors because they have a mix of pastels, neons, and traditional colors. They’re also really affordable. 

4. Tomicca

Tomicca is water based and odorless! They have tons of colors, and they’re super quick dry. Honestly, if a nail polish isn’t quick dry it’s not fit for kids. Their attention span is 1.2 seconds. It’s also really well priced for how many polishes you get! 

5. Disney

Disney makes quite a few different nail polishes safe for kids. And of course, they’re all themed and super cute. Frozen, princesses, Minnie Mouse, and much more. Kids get excited about anything with their favorite characters on it. 

They make their polishes quick dry, and easy to remove. And bubble gum scented! That’s crazy! That’s even better than odorless. Well, as long as your child is old enough to know not to drink it. 

6. Karma Kids

Something really cool about this nail polish is that it has a natural nail strengthening additive. It’s safe for any age, pregnant women, and people with allergies. It doesn’t have a harsh odor, and it’s non-yellowing. It has a smaller applicator brush which is great for little fingers. 

7. Ella & Mila

This one is my favorite. Everything they make is just so cute. They have a whole make-up and body care line. I want it all. The nail polish is “17-free”, meaning it’s free of 17 toxins and chemicals that are often put in nail polish. 

They have tons of other products, and lots of “mommy and me” goodies. Check them out! 

Safe Nail Polish Remover – Ella & Mila Soy Remover

This is made by Ella & Mila as well. It’s a safe, non-toxic nail polish remover. Regular nail polish remover just smells toxic. And most people don’t think about needing the remover until they’re already painted their nails and they’re over it already. So grab it now before you need it right away. 

Have you tried any nail polish for kids? Are there any you would add to this list? 

Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any, want to try any, or if you have any suggestions for this list! 

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