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35 Adorable Princess Names for Baby Girl

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Hooray! It’s time to choose a name for your baby, and it is one of the most exciting parts of being pregnant! Everyone has their different preferences and ideas of what they want their baby’s name to be. Where they want it to originate from, what kind of meaning they want it to have, how long they want it to be, etc. This list is inspired by princess names for baby girl! 

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35 Beautiful Baby Girl Princess Names

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Princess names that start with A:

Adella – from Little Mermaid

Alana – from Little Mermaid

Alexandra – Princess of Denmark

Alice – Princess from UK

Ana – from Frozen

Anastasia – from Anastasia

Andrina – from Little Mermaid

Anne – A part of Britain Royal Family

Ariel or Ariella – from Little Mermaid

Atina – from Little Mermaid

Aquata – from Little Mermaid

Arista – from Little Mermaid

Aurora – from Sleeping Beauty

Princess names that start with B:

Belle or Bella – from Beauty & the Beast

Briar Rose – from Sleeping Beauty

Princess names that start with C:

Cinderella – from Cinderella

Cleopatra or Cleo – Ruler of Egypt

Princess names that start with D:

Diana – A part of Britain Royal Family

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Princess names that start with E:

Elena -from Elena of Avalor

Ella – from Cinderella

Elsa – from Frozen

Emma – from Once Upon A Time

Princess names that start with K:

Kiara – from Lion King 2

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Princess names that start with M:

Melody – from Little Mermaid 2

Megara – from Hercules

Merida – from Brave

Mia – from the Princess Diaries

Moana – from Moana

Mulan – from Mulan

Princess names that start with P:

Penelope – from Wreck It Ralph

Pocahontas – from Pocahontas

Princess names that start with R:

Rapunzel – from Tangled

Raya – from Raya & the Last Dragon

Princess names that start with S:

Snow – from Snow White

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Princess names that start with T:

Tiana or Tia – from Princess & the Frog

We hope this article gave you some ideas for princess names for your new bundle of joy! 

If you’re interested in seeing a more detailed list of baby names that includes ideas for both boys and girls, we have an article for that too! Check out our 400+ baby name ideas for boys and girls! 

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