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ABC Coloring Pages – A Fun Way for Kids to Learn the Alphabet

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It’s so exciting when your kids are learning their ABCs! It’s such a fun milestone. But they also have super short attention spans at that time so it can be beneficial to find lots of different ways to entertain them as well as teach them. That’s why we created the ABC Coloring Pages!

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Here are 2 things that make these worksheets so special

1. They incorporate vocabulary for each letter of the alphabet

Each page instructs the kids to ‘Color the picture that starts with the letter…’ The kids are able to decide if each picture is a word that starts with each letter. So this makes it perfect for independent practice.

This also makes it nice for kids who don’t know how to spell but can identify pictures and know the letter sounds because they are still getting ABC practice!

2. They double as coloring pages

These ABC Coloring Pages should also be used as coloring sheets! They can stay entertained longer, and it offers a variety of skill levels to practice.

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ABC Coloring Pages

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