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30 Day Mom Challenge – Be a Happier Mom

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There’s no worse feeling than that of defeat, especially if the people you have been defeated by call you “Mom.” Any mother knows that some days are just so hard. You feel your patience slip away, and you become so mad at yourself for not being a better mother. If this sounds like you… then the mom challenge you’re about to read is perfect for you! 

I’m here to tell you; you’re not alone. Everyone struggles with parenting because being a mother is the most challenging, most rewarding job in the world. But it’s about to get even better.

If you participate in this 30 Day Mom Challenge to become a better mother, you will develop a healthier and happier relationship with your children and yourself.

On the first day, focus primarily on the first challenge. Each day following focuses on the new challenge and the previous challenges. Enjoy!

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30 Day Mom Challenge – 30 Challenges

1. Before You Raise Your Voice, Pause and Take a Breath!

Do you ever have that awful feeling of guilt after yelling at your kids because you know that you should’ve had more patience? While you’re taking that breath, remember how that feels. Remember that it will only be like this for a little while. Sometimes all you need is that 1-second breath to slow down and reconsider your approach.

The more you practice pausing before yelling, the easier it becomes. Eventually, it becomes second nature.

2. Greet Your Children Each Morning

When your children wake up, make sure the first thing you say to them is something nice, like “good morning, how’d you sleep?” or “I love you, are you ready for breakfast?” Help them to start their day out with a smile on their face. 

It’s incredible how much better a day your kids will have if they start with a positive attitude. Your day will also go much more smoothly! 

3. End Their Day On a Good Note

Every night before your kids go to bed, look at them in the eyes and tell them you love them. Thank them for being good that day. 

If they struggled to behave that day, thank them for trying their best. Tell them you want them to get a good night’s sleep so they can have a good day the next day and have lots of fun!

4. Do a One-On-One Activity With Each of Your Children

You can read a book, cook something, play a game, or even just watch a movie and snuggle. It’s important for you to work on the bond between you and each child, and I think every kid just needs some “mommy and me” time every once in a while. 

Another fun thing you can do with your kids is to ask them these would you rather questions for kids. It’s such a fun way to get to know your kids better, and their answers will probably surprise you! 

5. Be Super Grateful For Every Good Thing They Do – Make Sure They Notice Your Gratitude

Every time you ask them to do something and they listen, get excited, and say, “thank you for listening!” If they help you with something, tell them how great a helper they are. Make it known that you are proud of them and that they should be proud of themselves.

The more positive things you can say to them each day, and the more good behavior you can point out to them, will encourage them to do more. 

6. Reduce the Use of Technology, For You And the Kids

I know it can be tempting, but if you need to get on your phone, give yourself a specific time limit, 5 or 10 minutes, and then put it down and do something with the kids. Technology is taking over young minds. We have to lead by example if we want them to spend less time playing video games and watching tv. Challenge yourself to avoid it whenever possible. 

There are definitely ways to make screen time beneficial for kids, but spending too much time on screens can negatively impact their behavior. 

7. Ask Them for Their Help With Something, and Then Praise Them for Helping

My daughter is almost two. She loves to push the button and lock the car doors. She likes to pick up toys, “sweep” the floor and press the button to shut the garage. Even if it’s something simple, thank them with enthusiasm.

Letting your kids know that being kind and helpful makes you happy will encourage them to act that way more often. 

8. Listen, Really Listen

If they are trying to tell you something, stop what you’re doing, look them in the eyes, and listen. Be interested in their stories, and answer every question. Yes, every single question. The silly ones, the hard ones, even the ones you don’t have a real answer to. 

It’s great that they want to learn, don’t ask them to stop asking questions. If you don’t have an answer, just say… “That’s a great question, but I’m not sure. Maybe we can find an answer together”.

9. Discipline Them When Necessary, But Do It Correctly

When a child is overly upset, they aren’t in a place to hear what you have to say. The best thing you can do is take them to a place they can be by themself to calm down. Once they are calm, THEN you can talk to them. Ask them if they know why they are in trouble. Explain to them why they are in trouble. And tell them exactly how you expect them to act next time they are in this situation. 

Now, this is the MOST IMPORTANT step. Have them repeat back what you said. If they can’t repeat it back, they didn’t take in what you said. So repeat yourself until they can repeat it back to you. Eventually, it becomes instilled in their brain. 

I say the same thing to my daughter every time she acts out; I say, “Remember the rule… No matter how upset you are, you are never allowed to hurt people or break things.” And now I can just ask her if she remembers the rule and she has it memorized. I tell her this is true for adults as well; no one is allowed to act out that way when they are upset. 

Please, don’t spank them. You can’t teach a child not to hit and then “hit” them because they follow your example more than what you’re saying. If you hit, they will assume that it’s acceptable behavior. 

Be sure to check out our article on Effective Tips for Disciplining Children of All Ages.

10. Try Substituting the Word “No” With Something a Little Softer, That’s Not So Definite or Harsh

If they misbehave, try saying “try again, make a better choice,” and if they want something they can’t have, try saying “not today, maybe some other time.” Try distracting them with something else, if need be.

It can be discouraging for your child and you if it feels like all you ever say is “no.” You can also redirect and say, “sorry, we can’t do that today, but how about we do this instead?” 

11. Find Something to Be Appreciative About

Maybe your children are playing well, or they took a long nap, or they did something that made you smile. And if you’re just having an awful day, be appreciative of the fact that you are a mother. Some people want to be a mother more than anything, and they are unable to. Be grateful for the good times, even if they are few in number lately.

You can always find something to appreciate, even if it’s very small or insignificant. Gratitude has the power to change your mindset. 

12. Teach Your Children a New Skill

Even if it’s as simple as holding the door or learning a new word, praise them for learning it and continue to practice it with them for the rest of the day. 

I teach my daughter sign language. It helps us communicate easier, and I don’t get as frustrated with her because I know what she wants. Continue to work on their developing skills every day, so they can retain what they learn. Check out this article about teaching your baby sign language!

13. Be Consistent

Try to stick to a schedule as best you can. I know this is sometimes impossible, but on the days you can pull it off, do it. Kids need to have consistency, even if it’s as simple as a book before bed every night or a kiss first thing in the morning.

There have been many studies showing the importance of routines for kids. It’s quite interesting. 

14. Relate to Your Children

It’s important that your child knows that it’s okay to feel how they’re feeling, no matter what feeling that is. It’s even better if you can tell them that you feel that way sometimes too.

If your children aren’t feeling well, or is struggling emotionally, be extra patient. It’s so frustrating when you’re doing everything you can, and you just can’t make them happy. Try to remember how irritating it is to be sick, now picture your child feeling that way, but they don’t know why they feel that way or what they can do about it. Give them some slack. They’re confused and frustrated too. Just love them through it.

15. Spend More Time With Them Practicing Their Manners

It’s easy to give into them when they’re whining and yelling because they want fruit snacks. Take the time to ask them to “try asking again using your manners.” If you help them to fully understand the use of manners, it will help prevent further frustration every day after that. 

You will be much calmer if your children ask for something saying please, while you’re having a conversation with someone. Manners are so important. Take extra time to teach them when to use their manners.

16. Prioritize Your Children’s Sleep

Kids who are off their sleep schedules are just plain hard. They’re tired and cranky, but they still want to play. It will be easier on everyone if you ensure they are getting enough sleep at night and enough of a nap during the day. 

You don’t realize how much of a difference an extra hour of sleep is for kids until they don’t have it, and they are running you ragged.

17. Do Something for Yourself Every Day

Take a break, whether it’s an hour or 5 minutes. Do anything you can, as long as it’s kid-free. It could be as simple as going for a drive or as lovely as getting a pedicure. Heck, even a shower without your kids yelling for you is enough to regain your patience and give yourself a break. 

I noticed that since I started doing this, I am such a happier and more patient mother. Here’s a list of Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms.

18. Start A New Tradition

This can be a simple activity you do together daily, such as reading a book every night before bed or having your kids help you set the table for dinner. Anything they can get excited for, and they can anticipate coming each day.

You can even ask your kids for ideas on things they want to do. Or what their favorite thing to do with you is. 

19. Encourage Your Children to Do Something Creative

They can color, make a papercraft, draw on the sidewalk, help bake cookies, anything to get their creative streak going. 

If they make something, encourage them to show it to their dad, put it on the fridge, or somewhere for people to see. Help them build their confidence and self-esteem early on. Help them learn to challenge themselves. 

20. Let Them Try Anything & Everything

Well, almost anything. If they want to try to open the door, let them. If they can do it, congratulate them. When they can’t do something, tell them they will be able to soon, as soon as they get bigger and stronger. Encourage them to keep trying new things. They will be so excited when they find out they can do so much.

Especially encourage them to try things that they can do, because trying new things and succeeding will help build their self-esteem and their confidence. 

21. Do Something Active Every Day

Go for a walk, play at the park, practice a sport. If you aren’t feeling super hot, play a game with them that doesn’t require much work. They need time to run, jump and play, or they tend to go a little stir crazy.

If you can get outdoors, that’s even better. Their attitude will be dramatically better if they get some time in to get their energy out. Plus, being outdoors is just good for the soul! 

22. Teach Them What It Means to Have Integrity

The easiest way to explain integrity is “doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” It’s important that our kids learn that you should always do the right thing, not just to get praise but because it’s right. 

When you notice them doing something good without being asked to do so, reward them. A popular way of doing this is by putting a pebble, a pom-pom, or even a coin into a jar. When it gets full, reward them with a prize, a treat, a new book, anything they enjoy.

Integrity is an important value to have. The younger you can teach them to have integrity, the better! 

23. Don’t Give In When It Gets Hard

I know that when a toddler screams at you for 15 minutes because they want something they can’t have, it’s easy to give in and give them whatever it takes to stop the crying. Don’t do it! 

If you really want to give in, make them do the right thing. Tell them to ask nicely, or tell them they need to do something to earn what they want.

If you give in, they know that if they just act out, they will get what they want. But they need to know that acting out is NOT the best way to get what you want. 

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24. Show Respect for Their Father

If you are together, show affection to one another in front of them, thank him, and tell him you appreciate him. You and their father are the first examples of what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like. 

If you are not together, DO NOT talk badly about him in front of the kids. Focus on the good. Messy breakups are so hurtful on the kids. 

25. Talk To Them Like An Adult

When they are in trouble, explain thoroughly what they did wrong and why they shouldn’t do it. Use your manners with them like you would with another adult. Ask them, don’t tell them. Respect them. No one likes to be talked down to or belittled, no matter how old they are. 

26. Apologize, To Them AND In Front of Them

If you yell at them or accidentally step on their foot–make sure you say sorry, and say it like you mean it. If you run into someone in the store, let them watch you say sorry. And if they hit their sibling or another child, apologize on their behalf. Tell the child that you are so sorry that your son hit them, and ask him to apologize as well.

Children learn by example, whether it’s good or bad. So we need to be vulnerable and honest in front of them. 

27. Say Thank You To Them AND In Front of Them

Thank them every time they do something good or something you asked them to do. Also, thank everyone else in front of them so they can see when it’s appropriate to say thank you.

Adults have to set the example. It’s up to us. 

28. Give Them What They NEED, Not What They WANT

Your children need food, water, and shelter. They don’t need the newest video game. That doesn’t mean they should never get anything they want. It means that if they really want it… make them earn it. Teach them the concept of working for what they want.

Using a chore chart is a great way to teach responsibility. They can earn an allowance each week and practice saving money for what they want. 

kids chore chart

29. Teach Them to Give Without Expecting Anything In Return

Help them participate in community service of some sort. Show them how to perform random acts of kindness.

 Make sure they understand that you can’t always expect reciprocation, and that’s okay because it feels good to help people whether you are being noticed for it or not. With a world full of takers, we need to teach our kids the power of giving.

30. Be Who You Want Them to Become

If you want your children to become caring, helpful, responsible, and appreciative adults, you must set the example. Every time you question if you are doing the right thing, or if you were in the wrong… ask yourself which decision you would want your children to make, and go with that. Be their hero–and let them learn from you.

Are you going to try this 30 Day Mom Challenge?

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