Here’s What A Stay at Home Mom REALLY Does All Day

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How many times have you heard people say, “So are you just stay at home mom orrr….?” Yeah, way too many times! I found myself so angry that people insulted my job as a mother, and that’s when I realized… they just don’t know. They have no idea what it REALLY means to be a stay-at-home mom, and that’s okay. Because I’m about to tell everyone exactly what it entails. Here’s to all the moms out there!

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First things first, being a stay at home mom isn’t just a job, it’s multiple jobs in one. There are so many responsibilities, and of course you are expected to do them all because “you don’t have a real job.” A mother is so much more than just a mother! There are multiple other titles that should follow behind Mom, some of which are;

1. Maid-

A mother is very much so a maid. I honestly feel as if I never stop cleaning. While you clean up one mess, your child(ren) are making another right behind you. From toys, to dishes, to trash, to food, to laundry… it never ends. I actually enjoy cleaning, I really do. But to do it all the time… it drains you! My dishes aren’t always done, and my laundry isn’t always put away, but that doesn’t mean I’m not constantly cleaning. Sometimes you only have enough time for a few chores, so you have to prioritize which ones you’re going to do that day.

2. Chef-

Every mother is a chef. We are constantly cooking something. Even on our “lazy” days when we go out for dinner, don’t forget we’ve already made breakfast, lunch, and 10 different snacks… most of which ended up on the floor anyway. I used to love to cook, but now that I have a toddler hanging on me, wanting me to be picked up, taking my pans out of the cupboard, and tripping me as I walk from the sink to the stove, cooking just isn’t as much fun. It becomes such a task to prepare home-cooked, healthy meals and snacks when you have young children, but we still try! All moms want their babies to be taking in the right food and nutrients, but on the days where you just can’t get them to eat healthy, boxed dinner is better than no dinner. If you are a mom who likes to cook(or wants to start cooking more home made meals) this meal planner is awesome! 

3. Accountant-

Ah yes, my favorite job- NOT. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good with numbers, and I’m pretty good with money. But taking care of ALL of the finances for our household is really hard! There are so many bills to be paid, and so many accounts to manage. And when the family is tight on money that month, all eyes are on you. You’re to blame because you’re the one dealing with the money. I’ve tried budgeting and planning so many different ways, trying to make it as easy as possible. I finally have developed a great strategy, and changed a few things to make it a lot easier to manage each month, you can read about how I was able to save money and financial stress each month here!

4. Errand Boy-

Grocery shopping, bank runs, doctor appointments, pharmacy, car repair, auto and license renewals… the list goes on. There’s places I need to go EVERY DAY. I have to start my day off by saying, okay where do I need to go today, what are their hours, are they kid friendly enough, can I plan it around naps and feeding schedules, etc. But hey, since I don’t have a job I should have plenty of time right?…* Insert eye roll*


5. Cheerleader-

This job really is my favorite. This is the job I will put ahead of all the others. Being your family’s cheerleader means supporting them in everything that they do. Every time my baby is learning a new skill, I’m there telling her that she can do it. When my husband has had a long day at work, I give him and big hug and tell him to go relax. When I feel like I’m failing at doing all of these jobs that come along with being a mother, I push myself to keep going. I know that I have to stay strong to keep my family in good working order. And I will gladly do that until the day I die.

So next time someone says that you are “just a mom,” kindly remind them that you are A LOT more than that, and then challenge them to do your job for one day. I bet they will think twice about ever underestimating a stay at home mom’s job again!

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32 Replies to “Here’s What A Stay at Home Mom REALLY Does All Day”

  1. Ha…so true! I have worked my whole life until I had my baby 9 months ago and let me tell you that staying home is not easy. I think I might like working better…it is easier. I find that I am working much more at home running in every direction between the house, the kiddos and my website/blog. So crazy! Staying home is hard!

  2. This is so true! Add in there running a blog and (for me) a crochet business! I love it though. In the few rare times that I have a minute to myself, I get bored!

    1. Right?! When you have a spare minute all you can think about is what you’re forgetting that you need to be doing… (;

  3. There are days when I’m only able to cheerlead! 🙂 Cooking, cleaning and running errands can be a challenge at this point in the game!

  4. So true! We do so much of the unnoticed stuff to keep the household running that it’s easily overlooked. We can’t forget that after cleaning all day it still looks as if a hurricane went through and nothing was even done. Lol

  5. Motherhood is one of the most important callings in this world ? Great post. No one ever just a mom.

  6. Maid – YES!!! I hate cleaning. I hate cleaning up after other people even more. And I really REALLY hate cleaning up after toddlers that don’t understand not to make a mess with EVERYTHING that you give them. This is probably my least favorite aspect of staying home with the kids. If only I could hire a live-in-maid…

  7. So true! Between meals, laundry, homework, after-school sports, doctor appointments, we are definitely more than a mom.

  8. As a 25-year-old getting comfortable with the adult thing, I appreciate my mother more and more every day. I hope that day comes for you as well! Even if your kids love you now, which I’m sure they do, their full appreciation cannot be realized until they’re out on their own. Whenever they come home with nothing in the fridge and spare change in their pocket, they’ll wonder how you did it. Whenever they go down to the laundry floor and learn the hard way the commercial dryer should not be set on the hottest setting unless they’re trying to bake a pizza, they’ll wonder how you did it. Whenever they plug their television in and wonder why the only thing they see is a fuzzy screen, they’ll wonder how you did it. Whenever they run into every problem you tried to prepare them for, they’ll wonder how you did it, and then call for your advice. Motherhood is a long, long-term investment into the future of a living, breathing human being who at one point you’ll no longer have any control over (compared to the little you do now). And, when they succeed, the paper trail will lead all the way back to one person, you.

    1. Thank you, I hope my children to grow up to be as appreciative of me as you are of your mother, that would be wonderful!

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