The Top 7 Realistic Tips for New Parents

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No matter who you talk to, everyone has a list of tips for new parents. Some give great advice while others are just offering words. If you’re looking for some great tips to offer up for all the new moms and dads, you’ll find that (and some humor!) here!

Being a new parent is hard. Plain and simple there is nothing overly easy about it. It never fails that the moment you become a parent, everyone seems to have some advice to offer that they just “know” is going to be helpful. But sometimes, it’s actually not.

Some of the parenting tips that are offered up can be used but others seem to be just noise and are unrealistic. The good news? There are plenty of helpful and encouraging words out there to help ease your parenting woes.

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What do you say to a new parent?

First off, it’s important to understand that there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” comment or tip to give to parents. This is because every child and every parenting style is 100% different. No two parents and no two children are alike. Ever.

However, if you can dig deep and remember what it was like to be a new parent yourself, you’ll find that the words that you offer can and will be helpful and encouraging.

What new moms should know:

Moms tend to shoulder a lot of the responsibilities of their child. From breastfeeding to sleep training, there is always something that mom is doing and working on. If you’re looking for some great advice for moms, here are some quick tips that can offer comfort and assistance:


It’s okay to feel tired

It’s natural. It happens. You just grew a human and your body needs time to adjust. Don’t rush this phase or this process because your body needs the time. Not only will your body feel tired, but your mind will as well. 

Give yourself the okay to relax and heal yourself, too.


Ask for help when you need it

No one expects you to do it all yourself. There will be times when you’re feeling lost and hopeless, and just know that every mom goes through this. Instead of beating yourself up for it, embrace your feelings and ask for help.

Turn to family and friends and take them up on their offers. Accept the food, have someone fold your laundry, let a loved one come and sit with your baby while you take a nap…it’s all going to be okay.

And if you don’t have family and friends nearby, find another resource that you can trust. Check with local mom groups or turn to a church for help. There are so many people out there that want you to succeed and will be there to help you do so along the way.


Motherhood is messy

And know that this comes from a true and good place. Don’t compare yourself to the pictures that you see online or on Instagram. Those photos are never unaltered.

Your house will be messy, your sink will be full of dirty dishes and your hair probably won’t get brushed more than once a week. And that is 100% okay.

Once you lay your eyes on your precious baby for the first time, you’ll realize everything that comes in the future is worth all the “messiness” now.

Top Tips for New Parents to Help Keep Your Relationship Strong

Now that we’ve given mom a few tips, it’s time to include in the rest of the crew of well. Don’t overlook the work that dad is going to be doing as well. When they say that raising a child takes a village, it really and truly does!


1. Don’t forget about each other

It’s so simple and easy to put your marriage and relationship on the back burner. It happens all the time. But don’t forget about the love between you two that created this beautiful little baby in the first place. 

While it’s normal for your attention to be on your bundle of joy, it’s so important to try to keep up with your normalcy of life as well. Plan a date night with your spouse and know that it’s going to be okay.

During your date, don’t talk about the new baby or anything related to that. Instead, talk about you and your spouse. Get back to the basics about what each of you loves about each other and allow yourself to be immersed at the moment.


2. Offer help to each other without having to be asked

Sitting back and waiting around may be okay during certain times, but not during the first few months of being new parents. If you see your spouse struggling, help them. Each of you has strengths and each of you has weaknesses as well. And no one is expected one parent to do it all.

Set up your household from the beginning so each parent can be a part of the process. The more that you can plan ahead, the better prepared that both of you will be.

And when you notice that your spouse needs a break, take over and let it happen. Tell them to go take a nap or get out of the house and catch the latest movie. Just that kind support will mean so much. 

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5 Pieces of Funny Parenting Advice for Dealing with the Chaos

Now that we’ve given some good tips for new parents, it’s time to break out some of the funny advice for new parents as well. And honestly, when it comes to parenting for the first time, having a good sense of humor is part of it!


1. You’re going to see more poop than you ever knew possible

Just get used to it. Poop is going to be everywhere. From blowouts to “surprises”, you and just about everything in your house is going to be covered in poop. It’s better to just embrace it.

One way to combat and help is to have baby wipes located all around the house. That way, you can grab and clean up as those accidents happen.


2. Go ahead and cry right along with your baby

When your baby is wailing, why can’t you?! And more than likely, you’re going to want to. Hormones are vicious! When your little one lets the waterworks fly, take that as your cue to cry as well. You’ll enjoy getting out those emotions and who knows, maybe it’ll be some kind of new bonding moment with your little one.


3. Pick your battles

Some things just aren’t worth creating a big scene over. Instead of battling every little thing…make your choice. Is it really a big deal that your husband doesn’t want your daughter to wear frills? No, probably not…and it’s just better to mark that in your memory and move on. 

Because as your baby grows, you’ll have a lot bigger fish to fry than worrying about those little details.


4. You’ve never seen projectile puke until now

Just like the poop ordeal, you’re about to see more puke than you know what to do with. Babies puke all the time. And somehow they do so with force. One moment they’ll be smiling and the next moment they’ll be puking. It literally makes no sense…and don’t try to make sense of it.

How they can chug down a bottle of milk and just puke it up 5 seconds later is truly an unsolved mystery. Again, baby wipes are going to be your best friend.


5. Taking a shower will feel like a victory

Remember the days when you could take showers and feel clean with ease? Those days as a new parent are done. Gone – forever! Now when you shower you’re going to be looking at it as a race…you’ll hop in the shower and give yourself a quick rinse because you’ll be so worried about your baby while you’re doing so.

And don’t get your hopes up…taking a shower daily isn’t going to be a thing anymore. Now, shoot for one or two per week and just prepare yourself for that. Don’t worry, your newborn baby will still love you all the same!


Being a new parent is wonderful

The truth of the matter is that being a new parent is amazing. And quite honestly, you’ll forget what your life was even like before the addition of your bundle of joy.

The last piece of advice for new parents?

Enjoy every single moment because it truly does go by extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, your baby will no longer be a baby. The days of them cooing and sleeping will be gone and every day that passes is just another day that they’re transitioning towards the toddler stage of life.

Immerse yourself at the moment and take in the smells and smiles of your baby. Plan on spending hours staring down at your bundle of joy and loving every moment and second that passes. Cradle them all day and snuggle down for the week…being a new parent is simply one of the best feelings in the entire world.

Do you have any tips for new parents?

We would for you to let us know in the comments of any advice you found helpful as a new parent.

If you are a new mom and think you may be suffering from postpartum depression, be sure to talk to your doctor, or check out these PPD resources!


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