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blogging for beginners, start a profitable blog, make money blogging, how to blog,Starting a blog has a lot more to it than people would think! A lot of people actually have no idea you can make money blogging. I was one of those people! But, as soon as I realized the potential of making money with my blog, I took full advantage! [Read More…]




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Most people start out by having no idea how to start a blog. It can be pretty intimidating. But luckily, blogging has become pretty popular, so there is a lot of resources out there to help you get started. And I bet that once you start a blog, you will have found your new passion. There’s nothing better than starting something from scratch, building it up, and earning money from something you created all by yourself, without having a boss to report to. Are you ready to do this?! I’m excited for you! [Read More…]


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So you’re wanting to start a blog? That’s great! Blogging is such a rewarding career. Before you can do much of anything, you have to decide on a domain name! Read on to learn how to choose a domain name for your blog. But first things first, how do you choose the right niche? [Read More…]





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The first question I always get when someone finds out I’m a blogger is, “How do bloggers make money?” Well, there are 4 main ways that bloggers can make money directly from their blog. These 4 things can bring you in a couple dollars each month, or it can bring you in thousands. It’s all dependent on how you utilize the different ways you can make money, and here they are! [Read More…]





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Starting your blog is very bittersweet. You’re so excited to get started, get some viewers, and start making money. But you’re so frustrated when you run into technical issues that you can’t figure out, and you’re searching on google and youtube trying to get an answer. It’s also really annoying when you spend a ton of time on something that you realized you didn’t need to do. There are so many highs and lows. And as a favor to you, my lovely readers, I’m going to walk you through my some of my royal screw-ups, in hopes that I can save you the time (and money) that I’ve wasted since starting my blogging journey, and you won’t have to suffer from these mistakes that new bloggers make! [Read More…]

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