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29 Cheap & Easy Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

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Easter is such a fun holiday for kids! But like other holidays, kids always end up with a ton of candy! While a little candy here and there isn’t a big deal, it’s not always ideal to give kids a basket full at a time! So we’ve compiled a list of non-candy Easter egg fillers so you can fill your kid’s eggs with other fun things that they will be just as excited about! 

You can always mix and match and have some easter eggs with candy and some easter eggs with other small things. If you plan on having the kids decorate and find real eggs, these ideas are also great Easter basket ideas! 

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29 Easy Ideas for Easter Eggs That’s Not Candy

1. Crystals or cool stones

Kids love rocks. No one knows why, but they do. And they will especially love any sort of special rock or stone that’s polished or just different from the rocks you see every day on the ground.

2. Coins

You can’t ever go wrong with money. No matter how old you are, you’re excited to get money! To make it a little more unique you could put things like 50 cent pieces, dollar coins, or $2 bills. Types of money that kids don’t see often are sure to excite them! It can be difficult to find coins lately, so check out this guide to finding quarters if you’re on the search!

3. Marbles

Marbles are just as fascinating as rocks, and you can even include printout instructions on how to play different marble-related games. 

4. Craft supplies (pom-poms, pipe cleaners, etc.)

Give the kids some craft supplies and let them build something fun. See if they can create something Easter-themed. You can get on Pinterest with them and get some ideas. 

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5. Bubbles

You can find small containers of bubbles in the party favor aisle of a lot of different stores, or in any party-themed store. These should be able to fit into an Easter egg. 

6. Play-doh or silly putty

Play-doh makes a small container of play-doh that is the perfect size for an Easter egg. They usually come in a pack with a few different colors you can fill up a handful of eggs. These are also often found in the party section and used as kid’s party favors. 

7. Tattoos & Stickers

Temporary tattoos are the coolest thing for a lot of kids. You can get a sheet of them, maybe even Easter-themed, and cut them up and put them in the eggs. 

Similar to the tattoos, you can find sheets of stickers and just cut them to fit in the eggs.

8. Fidget Toys

A lot of the new fidget toys that are popular are about the right size to fit in an Easter egg. The most cost efficient way to get fidget toys is to get a pack of them off Amazon, like the one below! Any leftovers or toys that are too big for the eggs can be additions to the Easter basket.

9. Stamps

Stamps are another fun small toy that can be found in the party favor section of the store. These are generally more mild stamps that won’t stain clothes and walls. 

10. Kids Jewelry (earrings, slap bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.) 

A love for jewelry starts young! Something about jewelry is just so exciting to get as a gift. For boys, you could do a watch instead. 

11. Kid’s make-up or nail polish

Lip gloss or small nail polishes fit perfectly inside an Easter egg and is a great addition to any little girl’s cute Easter dress. 

12. Yo-yo

Yo-yo’s used to be a lot more popular than they are now, but they are making a comeback! They are a great toy for kids to practice determination because they typically just keep going until they figure it out. 

13. Small toys (dinosaurs, hatchimals, lego men, etc.) 

The dollar store or the party favor section are both great places to find small toys that fit inside eggs, and they’re usually really cheap! 

14. Snack foods (pretzels, popcorn, goldfish, fruit snacks, etc.)

This is perfect for toddlers, snacks are just as exciting as anything else to a toddler! When they open that egg to find some goldfish they will be thrilled! 

15. Bouncy balls

Bouncy balls are another cheap and fun toy that fits inside eggs well. Any small ball, really!

16. Chapstick

The EOS chapsticks are the best for easter egg fillers because they are egg-shaped! Many other chapsticks might not fit too well. 

17. Cars

Toy cars will typically fit in an easter egg, especially the dragster-type cars. 

18. Hair accessories

Clips, barrettes, hair ties, etc. are all great hair accessories for little girls and will fit perfectly in an easter egg! 

19. Bath bombs

Bath bombs aren’t just for adults! You can find mini bath bombs that will fit and your kids will think they are so fun. 

20. Pencil toppers or erasers

These aren’t as common anymore either, but they are still being sold! They have some that are specifically themed for Easter, or you can get some that your child will personally enjoy based on their likes and interests. 

21. Glow stick bracelets

Most glow sticks won’t fit, but the bracelets will fit if you roll them up just right! 

22. Cute notes or positive affirmation cards

For someone trying to avoid candy, toys, or pointless little things that are just going to get lost, one easy option are little notes. This is especially fun for kids at the age where they are learning to read. 

23. Beads

You can put some beads and some string in an egg and the child can make a bracelet or a necklace out of it. 

24. Toys that grow in water

Those fun little capsule toys that come miniature and grow when put in the water are SO cool for kids. You can still find these at the dollar store, or Amazon if you can’t find any locally. 

25. Gift certificates to go to a fun activity

Maybe you planned a fun event, you can print off the receipt or the tickets and fold it up inside the egg. 

26. Homemade coupons for fun activities (going out for ice cream, a trip to the park, etc.) 

This is a great way to get your kids excited about some family activities. 

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27. Hints for a scavenger hunt

Maybe the Easter egg hunt can be a scavenger hunt for a prize at the egg or a special egg. They can collect the other eggs and follow their instructions or clues to find the prize. 

28. Lego pieces to put together to build something cool

Put different lego pieces in different eggs, once they’ve collected them all they can use them to build something cool. 

29. Puzzle pieces

Similar to the legos put different pieces in different eggs and have them collect all the eggs to be able to complete the puzzle. 

Do you have any other ideas for non-candy Easter egg fillers?

If you have any other ideas we would love to hear them and add them to the list! Comment your thoughts below. We hope you have a Happy Easter! 

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