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18 BEST Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

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Christmas time is the best time of the year! There’s no doubt about that. However, it can also be the most stressful and expensive time of the year. It can be a little easier to shop for the people in your home because you know them so well. But it can be a lot more challenging to shop for people you don’t know as well, such as the people you work with. So we made a list of Christmas gift ideas for coworkers! 

Most people aren’t going to want to spend much on these gifts, especially if you have a lot of people to shop for! So a lot of these gifts are going to be affordable! 

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The Ultimate List of Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

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1. Cute Stationery

I don’t know about you, but I can never have too much stationary. I want it all. And if you want your coworker to really love the stationery you’re going to give them, make it a little more personal. Base it around their favorite animal, movie/tv show, band, etc. 

For example, my favorite animal is a llama, so people buy me llama stationery, among other things, and I LOVE it. Pretty soon, I will have an entirely llama-themed office, fully furnished from gifts I’ve gotten over the years. 

A few great stationery gift ideas are:

  • Notebook/notepad
  • Sticky notes
  • Pens
  • Pen holder
  • Desk organizer
  • Mouse pad
  • Paper clips

2. Flip Books

These little flipbooks are so popular now! And they’re super cute. There are so many kinds of these books now that you can always find one that fits everyone. They’re perfect for the office or home. 

A few great flipbook ideas

3. Lotion

Maybe this one is a bit more feminine, but it’s pretty common to have some lotion at your desk or in your car. So lotion is a great little gift! Especially if you live somewhere, that’s a little dry or gets some cold weather. 

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4. Portable Charger

Because cell phones are so important these days, so are cell phone chargers! And you don’t always have an outlet available, so portable chargers have become pretty popular. 

Because many electronics are switching over to the C port, getting a power bank with a USB and a C port plug-in is important.

5. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has always been a great little gift, but it’s even more exciting to get it now, especially if it’s the good kind! Since the recent pandemic, most of the hand sanitizer that’s made smells awful and is the consistency of water. 

It’s gross. When we should be using it the most, we want to use it even less. So make sure you get some good quality stuff. Go with germX! 

6. Desk Calendar

There are a lot of creative and good-looking ways to display a calendar now, no matter where you work. But for desks specifically, these calendars are all super cute! 

A few desk calendar ideas:

  • Paper
  • Cubed 
  • Dry erase board
GiftsAndBeyondDesign on Etsy

7. Dry-erase Board

People have also gotten creative with making good-looking dry erase boards, so if you’re looking for a fun gift that’s practical and attractive to the eye, check out these ideas.

Dry erase board ideas:

Four2OneShop on Etsy

8. Succulent

Plants are the new thing now, and especially succulents! They are cute, small, and low maintenance. They are perfect for at the office or home! And there are tons of different kinds that come in all different sizes.

There are even some that are actually fake, just for decoration. 

9. Creative Treats

Okay, they don’t HAVE to be creative, but they are so much fun when they are! You can go about dolling up your treats yourself, finding some ideas on Pinterest maybe, or you can buy some cute treats that are already put together! Here are a few ideas:

Pre-made treats to give as gifts:

  • Hot cocoa bombs
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Caramel apples

10. DIY Kits & Goodies

These are so popular now! These DIY kits make it so easy to do something creative and fun. If you buy these, you really have two options for how you want to gift them. You can use the kit to make the gift and give it to someone. Or, you can gift the kit as it is and give them the chance to build whatever it is that the kit is designed for. 

Here are a few popular DIY kits:

11. Cup of Choice

There is a huge variety of different cups out there. So you can pick one that fits the person you want to get a gift for. If you know they drink coffee, maybe a mug or a thermos. If you know, they like to infuse their water, maybe a water bottle with the infuser in the middle. A tumbler is also always a safe bet!

Here are a few different types of cups that make good gifts:

  • Mug
  • Cup with straw
  • Tumbler
  • Thermal

12. Throw Blanket

I personally believe that you can’t have too many throw blankets. One in every room and 15 backups in the closet is just fine. So it’s an easy gift that you can’t really go wrong with. And depending on how many coworkers you’re getting gifts for, or how much you like them, you can find some pretty cheap and simple ones or some really nice high-quality ones. 

13. Candle

This is probably a more feminine gift, but most women enjoy candles. Especially yummy Christmas-scented ones! And most candles are pretty cheap! Bath and Body Works candles are amazing, but they can be pretty pricey. But there’s always a sale around Christmas time. And you can also usually find coupons also. So don’t pay the full price! 

14. Desk Diffuser

Anyone who is into essential oils, or good smells, will love a diffuser! They’re really popular now, and you can typically find one for a really good price! Check out this diffuser on Amazon

15. Fun Socks

Everyone deserves a pair of fun socks, everyone! And there are thousands out there to choose from! So you can try to find one for your coworkers that fit their individual personalities, or you can just get a good pair that will suit everyone. 

16. Cute Ornament

People have seriously gotten creative with making ornaments. You would not believe the amazing ornaments people have come up with. Some generic Christmas ones, animal ones, some for people’s pets. Some out of glass, plastic, and even wood! It’s crazy. Etsy is probably the best place to look for some cool and unique ornaments. 

17. Nameplate

This gift is definitely best for people who have a desk, even if it’s in a home office. But these custom nameplates are seriously amazing! I honestly don’t know how people make the things they do. 

Here are my two favorite custom nameplates;

18. Gag Gift

Gag gifts are always a hit. Especially when it’s funny AND still useful. It’s a nice, lighthearted way to give a coworker a gift. These are also perfect for white elephant gifts, or other Christmas party games! 

Here are a few awesome gag gifts:

Ransalex on Etsy

So what do you think? Pretty good list of Christmas gift ideas for coworkers right?

What would you add to this list? What gift would you want from someone you work with? Let us know in the comments! And please share this article on social media so others can get some fun ideas too! 

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