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7 Affordable Ideas for an Indoor/Outdoor Toddler Trampoline

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Toddlers are SO full of energy! And what better way to burn off all that energy than to jump on a trampoline? This list will give you many different ideas so you can pick the perfect toddler trampoline to fit all of your family’s needs. 

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7 Ideas for an Indoor/Outdoor Toddler Trampoline 

1. LANGXUN Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

This trampoline is so cool! It’s got a slide, a swing, and it’s a trampoline all in one! It has a net, so your children can’t fall off while jumping. It says it’s from ages 1-8 years old. 

It’s 6.5ft long so it is small enough to fit in the house if you have the room. It’s only 72 pounds so it’s easy to move outside. This is the coolest trampoline ever! 

2. ORCC Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline for Kids & Toddlers

This is a great option that’s a good size, affordable, and perfect for indoor or outdoor. It has the net for safety, and it’s big enough that it has room to jump around. 

It supports up to 220lbs, so you can jump with them. Also, it’s only 32lbs, and it says it only takes 20 minutes to assemble! That’s awesome! It’s the perfect trampoline to be moving inside and outside depending on the weather. 

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3. Giantex Kids Trampoline

This trampoline is 7ft. It’s a little larger than the rest, so it’s probably better if you have two or more young children, or if you are going to have friends over often. 

It also has a 220lb weight limit, and it has really good reviews as well! 

4. VGMiu Trampoline

This trampoline is a little bit smaller, it’s 5ft wide. It’s definitely better for younger children. And if you only have a small space to put a trampoline, it might be your best option. It would also be more convenient for moving outdoors! Bonus: it comes with a basketball hoop which would be super fun for your child! 

5. Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline

This trampoline is on the smaller side as well, as it’s only 4ft in diameter. So, better for smaller kids, or if you only have one child. BUT, it’s a really good price! And it’s got cute animals on it that I think kids would just love. 

6. ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline

Now this is a cool trampoline! It’s cool because it’s so versatile. It has purposes for people from toddler age to adults. The bar in the middle would be super fun for kids (and the height of it is adjustable!!!), and the trampoline itself is super close to the ground, so even though it doesn’t have a net, it’s unlikely that nothing serious would happen if your child fell off. And adults can use it for exercise. 

The coolest thing about this trampoline is that it folds. It makes it easy to store, and it easy to move around or take outside. It’s got a 220lb weight limit, and it’s a pretty good price too! 

7. Clevr Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

This trampoline is one of the larger toddler trampolines, it’s 7ft. So if you’re using it inside you would need quite a bit of room to accommodate.

But, the benefit to this is that it’s great if you have more than one child, or you plan to, or if your child will have friends over. They will have a lot more room with this trampoline because it is quite a bit larger than most toddler trampolines. 

We hope you got some good ideas for a toddler trampoline! 

We would love it if you commented below if there were any toddler trampolines that caught your eye, or if there are any others out there that you know of that we should check out! 

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