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ABC Flashcards & Coloring Pages for Kids – Printable

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Do you have a child getting ready to start preschool or Kindergarten? Or do you have a Kindergarten kid who needs some extra ABC or counting help? If you said yes, then these ABC and Numbers Flashcards are the perfect resource to help because these printables are geared toward 3 to 6-year-olds!

This pack includes flashcards for the alphabet and numbers 1-20 and coloring pages for the alphabet. The ABC and numbers flashcards come with four on each page and the ABC coloring pages have one letter per page giving your child tons of opportunities to learn and memorize these basics. They are a fun way to learn and improve their ABCs and counting- up to 20.

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What makes this pack so great?

1. Each alphabet flashcard and coloring page has pictures starting with the corresponding letter

Not only can your child work on recognizing their ABCs, but they can work on their vocabulary for words that start with each letter.

2. Each number flashcard has different pictures corresponding to the number shown

This is helpful because your child can practice counting each picture to the number indicated on the flashcard. It is great to help with one-to-one correspondence as well as just counting in general.

3. It can be used for multiple children

For the best quality and lasting durability, print these flashcards on cardstock and laminate them. This way you can use these for multiple children in a classroom, or in your family!

Click HERE to get your ABCs & Number Flashcards + Coloring Pages!

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abc flashcards

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