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5 Realistic Tips for Having A Confident Birth

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Having a confident birth is something every parent wants.  No one wants to feel out of control and like they aren’t able to make good choices during that stressful event.  Today I want to talk to you about what a confident labor looks like and how you can get it?

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Hi, I’m Hilary.  I’m the curly head behind the website Pulling Curls, the nurse behind The Pregnancy Nurse, and the creator of The Online Prenatal Class for Couples. I’ve been a nurse since 1997 and I have 20 years of labor and delivery nurse experience.  I am an expert at helping families have a confident collaborative hospital delivery.  I’m excited to give you some ideas to use at your own birth.

What Does a Confident Birth Look Like?

I think some people think a “confident birth” means you’re not going to have any bumps or twists in your road — and it isn’t like that at all.

Know What to Expect

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You know when you get to the hospital, they’ll ask for insurance info and ask you a million questions.  You’ll have an idea of what those are and who you want to be in the room, so you’re not embarrassed by who you reveal your entire life history.

And, from there you’ll expect the IV (and you might even have decided you can have just a saline lock — because you talked with your doctor about it in advance)… and each next step will be pretty anticipated.

Even when the bumps happen, and your nurse comes and increases your IV and turns you on your side, you’ll think — oh, this is just the spot where my baby needs a little extra oxygen — this isn’t unusual.

Instead of thinking OH. MY. GOSH.  This is where it all goes downhill…

Because if you don’t get a few nurses running in your room a few times during your labor, it’s just no fun. 🙂

Speak the Language

pregnant talking to doctor

You don’t use words like catheter, saline lock or vaginal exams in your regular life — but you need to learn at least SOME of the language before you go to a foreign country, right?  Confidence means you know the basics — and it helps a lot!

So, this sounds amazing, and very doable — but how exactly do you get the delivery you’re hoping for?

How to Get Your Confident Delivery

I think your confident delivery starts with three things:

Experience is Key

pregnant talking to a doctor

Learn from someone who’s done labor, thousands of times.  Make sure they are someone who has walked into the room with tons of different patients with lots of background, medical conditions and more.

So much of what I see and hear on Tiktok I’m reminded that most people are basing things off a few hundred deliveries, and that’s just not enough.

Did you know that we don’t even think a new labor nurse is proficient until she’s done it for a couple of years? TWO YEARS of doing it as a job.  Yup, it’s just a lot to take in.

Focus on the Big Picture 

the big picture

The other thing is remembering the big picture. You can bend and flex as needed to get the big picture.

The life span of your time with your baby is much longer than just in that delivery room, and you’ll make lots of choices based on the big picture.  It just starts early.

How I Can Help You Have a Confident Birth

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Education based on experience is one of the most important things you can have as you head into your delivery.

As an RN I taught prenatal classes for my hospital, but saw tired, hungry, uncomfortable moms in my class on Tuesdays at 6 pm, and I was sure there had to be a better way.  In 2014 I created my own online course — and after several versions I believe I have created the most comprehensive, enjoyable class to get you that confident delivery — I know you want.  It’s The Online Prenatal Class for Couples

I love what Brittany and David said (that’s right, partners love it too! — read more reviews here):

“There was so much great information in this course! We ended up with about 4 pages of notes that we can refer back to as we go through labor, delivery, and bringing baby home. We feel much more informed and prepared to be first-time parents”
–Check out the Online PreNatal Course Here!

I can’t wait to give you the confident delivery you want, and I wish you the very best on your pregnancy journey!

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