valentines day gifts for daughter ideas

13 Super Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts for Daughter That She Will LOVE

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Valentines Day is such a fun holiday! And while it’s tradition to get a gift for your significant other, it has also become more common to get a gift for your kids as well. We have compiled a list of ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for daughter, so you can get your little girl a fun gift too. 

Some of these gift ideas are great from either parent, some might be a better fit coming from mom and some from dad, so there is something for everyone! 

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valentine's day gifts for daughter

*In this article you will find the following Valentines Day gifts for daughter:

  • Valentines Gift Ideas from Dad
  • Valentines Gift Ideas from Mom
  • Pre-Made Gift Boxes

13 Valentines Day Gifts for Daughter That She Will Be Sure To Love

1. A Valentines Treat

This is given, but you can make it as simple or unique as possible. There are your generic chocolates and heart-shaped candy, but you can also find other cute and more unique treat ideas.

You can also customize it to fit your daughter’s favorite treats. It doesn’t just have to be candy, you could make them brownies, chocolate-covered popcorn, or pretzels. 

2. Balloons

Kids ask for balloons every single time they see them at the store, and we typically tell them no. So Valentines Day is a great excuse to finally get them the balloons they always want.

You can get them some big balloons, or go with the small balloons that come on the sticks. The small balloons go great with flowers, treats, and stuffed animals! 

3. Art Supplies

You can’t go wrong with art supplies. Especially coloring books, there are kids coloring books and adult coloring books that are great for teens too. 

You can go with generic supplies or even go with the theme of Valentine’s Day and buy supplies around that. Girls love any sort of stationery and art supplies! 

4. A Snuggly

Stuffed animals are another traditional Valentine’s Day gift. You can stick with that, and get your daughter their favorite animal, or you can go with a different kind of snuggly gift, like a throw blanket or a robe! 

5. A Book

Kids can never have enough books! And you can always find books for any age. They make a great gift. You can look for books that fit more of the Valentine’s theme, or just go with any book they might like. 

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6. A Cute Valentine’s Day Card

Valentines Day cards are another common gift, but you can make it a little more personal by finding a card that relates to your daughter, or maybe your relationship with her.

Or maybe it has her favorite animal on it, or you can order a custom card on Etsy and have her name put on it. The options are endless. 

7. Jewelry

Jewelry can be a great gift for any age, from either parent. For moms, you can find some cute matching jewelry. For dads, you can find a lot of jewelry from dads to daughters. 

Jewelry can be as inexpensive or as quality as you like. There’s really something for everyone. 

8. Journaling Set

A cute journal and pen set is always a great gift! You can do a traditional journal, or you can go with a bullet journal, which has become more popular. Bullet journals make it easier for the user to get a little bit artsier and have fun with the journaling space. 

9. Matching Shirts

This gift might be better for a mom and daughter, but if you look hard enough you might be able to find one for dad and daughter. You can go with generic matching shirts that work any day, or theme it more towards Valentine’s Day. 

10. Flowers

Flowers are another traditional gift, but they really are a great gift. Especially if you’re getting your daughter’s mother flowers, your daughter would love to get her own flowers.

You can even go with a more unique plant, such as a succulent. They are growing in popularity! 

11. Advent Crystal Calendar

This is a really cool, unique gift that is great for all of the rock lovers out there. If your daughter is into rock collecting or crystals and stones, this gift is great! You aren’t going to find anything else like this.

12. A Gift Card or Gift Ceritficate

Kids love to go shopping for themselves, so they might enjoy being able to go pick out something fun with their own card.

You can also do a gift certificate to somewhere they enjoy, or maybe somewhere you guys can do together. It can be as simple as a spa day, or the trampoline park. Just spending time with you is going to make their day! 

13. Daughter Gift Box

Shopping for a gift can be overwhelming, that’s why premade gift boxes are so great! Someone else does the work for you, and they are so pretty! Perfect for those parents that don’t have the time or energy to put together a gift box, but want to get their daughter something cute and unique. 

gift box for daughter for valentines day
valentines day gift box for daughter

What Did You Think of These Valentines Day gifts for Daughter?

Was this list able to give you any ideas? No matter what gift you get your daughter, she will love it because it’s from you! We would love to hear from you in the comments on what gift you decided to go with.

valentines day gifts for daughter ideas

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