How to Raise Successful Kids: 4 Must-Know Tips

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How to raise successful kids…This is something that every parent wants to learn how to do, but a lot of the time when you are in the moment, it can feel like you are doing everything wrong.

First of all, know that you are doing an amazing job and you already are raising great kids! Second of all, continue trusting your parenting. But, learning new tips and tricks never hurt anyone! So, if you are looking into more ways on how to raise children to become successful adults, you’re reading the right article. Here are a few tips for you that might (or might not) help –

4 Essential Tips for Raising Kids to Become Successful Adults

1. Participate In Their Lives As Much As You Can

A lot of the time, kids just want to be shown love and affection – they want to feel like they are important. Participate in their lives as much as you can. 

I know that you might be balancing work, home chores, finances, and more, and you might feel like you are on the verge of losing it yourself at times because there is so much to do and only so little time. 

But make sure that you are able to keep yourself emotionally healthy so that you can be there for them and get involved – whatever this looks like for your individual family. Spend more quality time together and really invest yourself in your child’s life.

2. Get Them Outside In Nature

kids summer playing

Okay, this sounds like a strange way to raise children to be successful adults, but there’s an Inc. article and they mentioned a correlation between the two – and it actually makes sense! 

The article said, “This advice seems especially timely as we emerge from the pandemic. But kids need to be outside. Studies show that kids who spent a lot less time outdoors during the early days of the coronavirus crisis experienced a strikingly negative effect on their emotional well-being. This almost seems like common sense, but we see it come up again and again in both children and adults.”

A study found that children — boys especially — who spent time outdoors at recess during school had better gains in their reading ability over the next two years versus children whose schools didn’t guarantee outdoor recess.

Another study found that for adults, spending an average of 20 minutes a day outside and in nature led to better health and psychological well-being.

And yet another study showed that even just 15 minutes per week outdoors, in an environment that prompted “awe” — meaning “a positive emotion elicited when in the presence of vast things not immediately understood,” led to better mental and emotional health. 

These kinds of habits, and a lifelong appreciation for nature, can start young and cost almost nothing. It’s true that we are living in a digital world, but researchers have found that happiness and well-being among U.S. middle schoolers has declined steadily since 2012.  That’s when American kids largely started to get their own smartphones.

3. Let Your Child Take the Lead Sometimes

When it is appropriate, let your child take the lead at times and give them projects. This can teach so many skills, such as independence, growth, management skills, and more. Here are a  few examples of this (and all are dependent on age).

Take the time to teach your kids about money

Teaching your kids about money is essential for their future financial success! By doing this, your kids can gain some independence and important life skills at a young age. Teach them to budget, and give them the chance to help with an area of the budget, so they gain an understanding of how budgeting works. For example, let them help be in charge of making sure you don’t go over budget on your next grocery trip.

Let them be in charge of dinner one night a week

From start to finish – they are in charge. Ordering in? It’s up to them! Cooking? Help guide them, of course, but let them do the grocery shopping, cooking, and recipe creation as much as possible.

Let them take over simple chores

Chores such as cleaning up, laundry, or getting their homework done on time are great chores for them to work on. Be sure to check out our guide on Getting Kids to Help Out With Chores!

Let them help plan any future events

Give them a day to come up with an itinerary. Read over it before you travel and make a few suggestions on how you can tweak it to make it more attainable, but explain to them if you do tweak anything.

Ask for their help with a big project

A great example of this is moving! If you are moving and hiring professional movers such as Movin’. They are Salt Lake City commercial movers and residential movers, ready to show you and your family how their services are customer service oriented. With great reviews, competitive pricing, and a can-do attitude, they are ready to make your move the move of your dreams (aka stress-free!). 

Show them from start to finish, how to properly hire a company, keep everything organized (a big move is a lot to organize!), and help them lead a few mini-projects within the big project (a great example with this scenario is letting them help the movers place the furniture in the correct rooms).

4. Teach Them the Value of Hard Work

Last but not least, teach them the value of hard work. This is something that I feel like a lot of people struggle with – the desire to actually work hard. But, it’s so important and hard workers have the capability of doing absolutely anything that they want to with their lives. It’s a really great skill to learn as a child!

In Summary: How to Raise Successful Kids

There are so many things you can teach your children when you want them to become successful adults and there is not a 1 sized fits all “fix” when it comes to the question of how to raise successful kids, but these tips above are a great starting place!

Kayla is the content creator over at She is a wife and mother who loves to share all of the tips, tricks, and life lessons that she has learned over the years with all of her readers. Her primary focus is on children’s education, motherhood, and healthy family relationships!

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