Dear “Dad”–An Open Letter to the Man Who Raised Me

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dad, foster dad, foster parent, foster care, fostering, adoption, adopted dad, adoptive parentsThere are so many things I can say to you, but it still wouldn’t scratch the surface of my true feelings. But just to give you an idea of what I think about when I think of you, I wrote you a letter; here it is!

Dear “Dad,”

I am grateful.

I am grateful that even though you never wanted children, you took me in as your own. I am grateful that you didn’t turn the other way, when you saw I needed help. I am grateful that you took on the responsibility of being my mother, my father, and my best friend. I am grateful that you were such a wonderful teacher. You taught me to be responsible, smart, compassionate, and most of all…you taught me to be selfless. I am grateful that because of you, I am happy. I am successful. I am like you, I’m one of the few genuinely good people in this world.

I am regretful.

I am regretful that it took me so long to be grateful. I am regretful that I was so hard on you. I regret that the anger that I had towards my parents was deflected onto you. I know now that you were the last person in the world that deserved it. I regret not telling you “thank you” every single day. I regret taking advantage of your selflessness. Most of all, I regret not writing you this letter sooner.

I am proud.

I am so proud that you are who you are. I am proud that you were able to accomplish such an impossible task. I am proud that you never gave up. I am proud that you are such a perfect example of what a human being should be like. You are selfless, hard working, caring, responsible, and most impressively…you are so patient. You were patient with me when I was angry. You were patient when you didn’t know how to raise a teenage girl. I know it was hard. And for that I am sorry.

I am inspired.

I am inspired by everything that you are. I am inspired to do better each and every day, because of the great influence that you are to me. I am inspired to be just as successful as you are. I am inspired to be kind and compassionate, as you are to so many. I am inspired to be everything you’ve ever hoped me to be, and more.

I am hopeful.

I am hopeful that one day I can pass on all of the wonderful things you’ve taught me to my own family. I am hopeful that you look at me and see all the great parts of you. I am hopeful that you will give yourself credit for all that you have done for me, and for everyone else in your life. I am hopeful that when I reach the end of my life, I will be able to say that I tried my best to be as good of a parent to my children, as you were to me.


Your “Daughter”

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