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Are You A Silky, Crunchy Or A Scrunchy Mom? Here’s the Difference

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Living in such a diverse world with so many strongly opinionated people, we end up falling into a certain category or lifestyle that most matches our personal values and beliefs. This is true even with our parenting styles. And there are three different classifications of moms that people are categorizing themselves into right now; A silky mom, a crunchy mom, or a scrunchy mom. 

I know, where do people come up with these names? Either way, I love it. But, before we have half the internet down our throat saying “how dare you stereotype” and all of that, that is not what this is.

This is a fun and informative article for people looking to know the difference between these terms, because moms classify THEMSELVES as these terms, I know I do. I’m not trying to push anyone into a box and say this is what they are. I did not make up these terms, I just think they’re fun and super common in the mom community right now. 

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There are 3 Different Mom Types- Silky, Crunchy, and Scrunchy

What is a Silky Mom?

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A silky mom is also sometimes referred to as a modern-day mom. This is a mom who takes full advantage of all of the wonderful advancements the world has provided us within this day in age.

Some things a silky mom might do differently are:

  • Have medicated births in a hospital setting 
  • Formula feed/bottle feed
  • Crib sleeping
  • Cry it out method
  • Use disposable diapers
  • Follows medical advice on things such as vaccinations
  • Sometimes work out of the home

Now, I’m not saying ALL silky moms do ALL these things, but maybe you identify with a lot of them, so you consider yourself silky! Just like all crunchy moms won’t do all of the things that are listed under the things that crunchy moms might do differently. It’s each mom’s decision on what parenting style she wants to use and what she wants to identify as if any at all! 

Pros of Silky Parenting

1. It’s convenient

Some of the things that silky moms typically do are so much more convenient. They are time-saving and they just make life easier over all. Some examples; disposable diapers, formula feeding, getting an epidural during childbirth (less pain during labor? Yes please!)

The modern world is all about convenience, and so there are tons of options out there to make parenting just a little more convenient. And taking advantage of that is a-okay! Being a mom is hard enough as it is. 

2. It’s less stressful 

In some ways, following “silky mom” practices can be less stressful. Like not having to stress about breastfeeding in public, and being able to share the feeding duties with someone else. Also, the stress of having to wash cloth diapers every day to make sure you don’t run out and not have any diapers would be exhausting.

Being a silky mom doesn’t mean motherhood is any less stressful, it just means the parenting style can help with a little bit of the stress in at least a couple of ways. 

Cons of Silky Parenting

1. It costs more

Sadly, we pay for convenience. Disposable diapers add up, baby formula is expensive, hospital births are more expensive, etc. But, it’s this way with everything, not just motherhood. The world is all about convenience, and people will pay for it because time is precious. 

*If you’re looking for ways to save money during everyday mom life, you can check out our article on money-saving products for moms

What is a Crunchy Mom?

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A crunchy mom is someone who gives it their best effort to make their lives, and their baby’s life, all-natural. Sometimes they are called natural moms, hippie moms, earth mamas, or natural living moms.

Some things a crunchy mom might do differently are:

  • Have a natural, unmedicated birth – possibly at home
  • Essentially breastfeed
  • Cloth diaper
  • Baby wearing
  • Not vaccinate 
  • Not circumcising their boys
  • Co-sleeping
  • Makes their own baby food
  • Homeschools
  • Follows a particular diet such as organic, whole foods, vegan/vegetarian, etc. 

Pros of Crunchy Parenting

1. It feels good

It can feel good to be super involved in your baby’s development. It can build confidence as a new mom. Crunchy mom’s parenting style often includes attachment parenting. This involves emotional attachment as well as physical attachment, which is where babywearing, co-sleeping, and breastfeeding come in. Some people say that these bonding experiences are what make you crunchy! Something about being physically close with your baby is so comforting. 

2. It saves money

A lot of things that crunchy moms often do can save a lot of money in the long run. Some examples are home births, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, making their own baby food, and homeschooling.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ways crunchy moms save money, and I’m sure there are a few ways it can cost a little more. 

Cons of Crunchy Parenting

1. It’s a ton of work

Some of these things are SO MUCH WORK. Cloth diapering is a commitment. Making your own baby food takes a lot of time. Homeschooling is a huge amount of work, especially if you have more than one child. And if you follow any special diet, that on its own is a lot of work. Props to all the crunchy mamas. 

*For our breastfeeding mamas, we love to recommend this breastfeeding ecourse to help master breastfeeding to really get the most out of your nursing experience! There is also an ecourse for being pregnant or breastfeeding while vegan!

What is a Scrunchy Mom?

A scrunchy mom is the best of both worlds, it’s a mom who finds herself doing a combination of things from both the crunchy side and the silky side. Here are a few examples of someone who might identify as a scrunchy mom:

  • A mom who has a natural birth, feeds her baby formula, baby wears, co sleeps, and chooses to cloth diaper. 
  • A mom who has a medicated – hospital birth, doesn’t vaccinate, breastfeeds, crib trains, cloth diapers and homeschools her baby. 

Pros of Scrunchy Parenting

1. You just go with the flow 

You just get to live your life and decide what you want to do. Maybe breastfeeding sounds good at first, and then you hate it so you quit. And then maybe you start trying to crib train and decide it’s better for you and your baby to co-sleep. 

You make your decisions best on what works best for you and your baby at the moment. Not according to what the parenting style you fall under says you should do. 

Cons of Scrunchy Parenting

1. It can be easier OR harder to make friends

The reason it can be EASIER to make friends is because most moms are scrunchy moms. So there are more moms out there to relate to. It can likely be harder to find crunchy moms, so if you’re a crunchy mom you might have to look a little harder for mom friends with the same parenting style than if you’re a scrunchy mom. 

However, it can be HARDER to make friends as a scrunchy mom because every scrunchy mom has different beliefs and styles of parenting that they choose to do for their family. So, if they are anti-vaccination and use the cry it out method, and you are pro-vaccination and you do not believe in the cry it out method – you are both scrunchy moms but you have total opposite parenting preferences.

So, you can either make the friendship work because friends are often different, or choose not to be friends because there’s just too much you both disagree on. 

In all reality, these titles don’t really mean anything. It’s really just fun to see if you find yourself related to any of these groups. You might even find yourself drawn to other moms who practice the same parenting strategies. 

What mom style do you identify with most? A silky mom, a crunchy mom, or a scrunchy mom? 

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  1. Great light-hearted yet informative post. Much needed with all the way too serious articles I have been reading this past 15 months, Thanks for writing it. 🙂 Definitely a Scrunchy here!

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