My Side Hustle #2 – What is doTERRA?

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doTERRA is on the rise! It’s growing at an astounding rate, and for good reason! It’s never too late to prioritize your health and wellness. And one great way to do that is by using essential oils. 

What is doTERRA? doTERRA can be broken down into 3 parts: 

1. The Company

doTERRA is a multi-billion dollar company that sells essential oils and other health and wellness-related products. Through sourcing their oils, they provide jobs to thousands of people all around the world, including many third-world countries. 

They also fund a lot of humanitarian projects such as clean water, the building of schools and hospitals, and anti-sex trafficking. They also have a large focus on preserving the Earth, and making their products as eco-friendly as possible. 

2. The Products

All of doTERRA’s oils are 100% pure, meaning they are not diluted or full of harmful chemicals. doTERRA makes an effort to find the best of the best oils. Meaning that they will find out where on Earth grows the best Lavender, and they will go there and partner with local farmers to provide them with amazing oils. This is where a lot of jobs are provided. 

Because doTERRA’s oils are pure, many of them are safe for internal use. They can also be used topically, and people often diffuse them or use them in cleaning as well.

3. The Business

doTERRA distributes their oils through people who sign up to be a wellness advocate. Wellness advocates have the potential to earn money five different ways. You have the option to earn money by other people purchasing oils through you, or you can earn money by finding other people who want to be a doTERRA wellness advocate and signing them up under you. 

doTERRA has a surprisingly high retention rate of 70%. This means that people love the products, join the business, and don’t leave. 

doTERRA’s goal is to help their wellness advocates have:

  • Better health
  • More time
  • More financial security

Here are a few other things you need to know about doTERRA

1. There’s a yearly membership fee of $35 – but you get the products significantly cheaper this way

To purchase from doTERRA you need to have a membership, similar to Costco. The membership lets you buy your oils at wholesale cost instead of the retail price. You save so much money this way. When you renew the $35 yearly fee, they send you a free product. 

2. It’s best to sign up as a wellness advocate even if you don’t want to do the business. 

You might as well sign up as a wellness advocate because it doesn’t cost any more, and you can qualify for more benefits. And if you ever decided you wanted to do the business, you can just jump in. 

If you want to learn more about the products OR the business… here’s what to do

I’m here to answer any of your questions, whether you’re just looking to try the products or you’re wanting to learn about the business side of it. 

You can email me at

You can call or text me at 385-286-8940

If you are wanting to jump in and try the products or the business and you don’t want to wait for my response, feel free to use this link → TRY DOTERRA NOW! 

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