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13+ Mother’s Day Games for Kids & Families

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Mother’s Day is such a fun day to celebrate! While mothers deserve a celebration every day, it’s nice to have one day of the year just for them. Let mom kick back and relax for the day, shower her with love and attention. And try some of these Mother’s Day family games to make some memories and give Mom a laugh on her special day!

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1. Remember When Mom…

Take turns telling fun stories about mom, motherhood, or any other memories. Kids can talk about their mom. Mom and Dad can talk about when each kid was born. Grandma and Grandpa can talk about what life was like when Mom was born. There are so many wonderful memories to keep alive. 

2. Charades

Kids are great imitators, so playing charades is a great game for them and will give everyone a laugh! If you want to really get into the Mother’s Day spirit, have the kids act out different things that mom does, and have mom guess what they’re doing. 

3. Pictionary

Pictionary always gets the party going, especially when kids get involved. Similar to charades, you can try to keep the game themed around Mom and Mother’s Day if you want. Check out this Telestrations Game to help play Pictionary with a twist.

4. Mother’s Day Award Ceremony

This is a super fun way to honor the mom in your life. Kids each think of an award mom deserves, like ‘Best Cook,’ ‘Most Creative Talent,’ etc. They can create a ribbon or certificate craft to go along with it. Each child can give a speech explaining why she deserves the award and give her their handmade award. 

Check out our list of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that every mother will love!

5. Mom’s Hide-and-Seek

Have the kids hide things around the house that mom likes, maybe her favorite treats, a drink, perfume, candles, etc., and have her find them. This is a fun way to give Mom her gifts. 

6. Breakfast In Bed Relay

Have Dad help the kids make Mom breakfast in bed. Have each child be in charge of a different part of the meal; food, drink, plates/utensils, etc. Bring Mom her breakfast in bed. 

7. Mama Picture Hunt

This game is creative and fun and can be a great way to bring up some memories and conversations. How it works is by making a list of different things mom might have done, and try to find a picture of her doing it. Some ideas include; wearing a Christmas sweater, on vacation, hugging someone, etc. 

8. Mother’s Day Mad Libs

Mad Libs are so much fun. They bring lots of laughter and excitement to any group of people. Go online and find a bunch of mad libs, print them off, and let everyone do one. Run a contest to see who is the funniest and let Mom pick the winner. 

There are tons of free Mother’s Day Mad Libs online that you can print out and use. 

9. Mum’s the Word

This game is really challenging but super fun! No one is allowed to say ‘mom’ all day. Give each person 5 safety pins, pom-pom balls, clothes pins, or anything little to carry around, and if you catch anyone saying ‘mom,’ you get to take one from them. Whoever has the most at the end of the day gets a prize.

10. Mom’s Day Spa

Have the family work together to create the perfect spa day for Mom. Create a list of services you can provide Mom for the day, such as massage, manicure, facial, meals served, etc. Let the kids have fun doing things for Mom. 

11. Mother’s Day Bake Off

Let the kids get dirty and bake lots of goodies. You can make it a fun competition and have mom judge all the treats and pick the winner! Mom gets lots of goodies, and kids get to have fun and practice their baking skills; it’s a win-win! 

12. Poetry for Mama

Have each child write a poem or even a line to a poem, and you can combine them to make one sweet poem for mom from the family. Moms are a sucker for some poetry! And when it’s written by her kids, it’s even better. 

13. Handprint or Footprint Mother’s Day Art

Have some fun and create some memories by having the kids do some handprint or footprint art for Mom! This is a great way to make mom a card and have the kids’ little hand or footprint to look back on and see how much they’ve grown. 

We have a printable Handprint Mother’s Day Card that’s great for Mom, Grandma, or Aunts that you can print off for an easy homemade card! 

14. Get-to-Know-Our-Mama Game

Have everyone come up with a couple of questions to ask Mom to get to know her better. The questions could be easy, basic questions, such as favorite movies or songs, things she liked when she was younger, hobbies, etc. There’s an endless amount of questions the kids could ask. 

Other Family Games for Family Gatherings

  • Horseshoes
  • Cornhole
  • Soccer, volleyball, kickball, etc. 
  • Heads Up!
  • Jenga
  • 3-Legged race
  • Ring toss
  • Limbo
  • Egg race
  • Yard pong

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Final Thoughts On These Mother’s Day Family Games

We hope your family gets the chance to play some of these super fun family games. Be sure to take lots of photos and videos so the memories last forever. What other games does your family play on holidays? Comment them below so we can add them to our list. 

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