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An Honest Breo Box Review – Know Before You Buy!

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The Breo Box is a subscription box that gets delivered straight to your door every three months, and it’s filled with a bunch of cool new technology and gadgets. I recently received my first box, and I will share my Breo Box review so that others can get an idea of what to expect before they sign up or gift the Breo Box subscription. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, this means that Breo Box sent this subscription box to be reviewed by me, but the opinions outlined in this article are mine. This article is my honest review of the Breo Box that I received. This article may contain affiliate links.

How The Breo Box Subscription Works

Breo Box is a subscription box, meaning it is a recurring box that comes to your house quarterly. You can choose to pay quarterly, or you can pay annually and save some money. Every three months, you will receive a new Breo Box with new gadgets to enjoy. Each box will have 4-8 gadgets curated to the season. 

What Came In My Breo Box

1. Digital Photo Frame

The digital photo frame was what I was most excited to see when I opened my Breo Box because I have been looking to buy one soon. This photo frame is a 7-inch frame with a large storage capacity for photos. It is super easy and quick to add pictures, making it perfect for your own house or as a gift for grandparents or other relatives you want to share pictures with. 

2. Coffee Cookie

Every mom’s new favorite gadget! You never have to worry about your coffee getting cold again. This little coaster heats up and keeps your cup of coffee warm. No more putting the coffee in the microwave multiple times a day. *Note: This season’s box has a variation. If you order this box, you will receive the coffee cookie OR the fabric shaver, but not both.

3. Re-chargeable Batteries

These rechargeable batteries are unlike any other battery I have ever seen. They literally have a charging port, and you charge them by plugging them in, and then you can use them for whatever! I am currently using mine for my tv remote. 

4. Portable Tea & Beverage Infuser

For a tea lover, this start-and-stop steeping infuser is an awesome product. You can use loose or bagged tea, and you can control the steep, so if your tea reaches your desired taste, you can turn off the steep. 

5. Fabric Shaver

If you are bothered by lint or pilling on your clothes, furniture, or other household fabrics, this fabric shaver is super convenient. For me, my sheets are always pilling! Along with my leggings and hoodies. A fabric shaver can increase the longevity of your clothes and furniture. *Note: This season’s box has a variation. If you order this box, you will receive the fabric shaver OR the coffee cookie, but not both.

6. Massage Roller Ball

Another one of my favorites from the box is the massager! There are so many different types of massagers out there, and I have a ton of them, but I did not have a massager ball. I’m super excited about this ball for lower back pain and post-workout massages. 

Breo Box Review: What I Liked About the Breo Box

The Items Are Things I Will Actually Use

All of the items I received in my box are things I will personally use. They are also things I could see myself gifting to friends and family. So whether you are ordering this box for yourself or getting the subscription as a gift for someone else, it’s great. 

All of the Gadgets Are Unique

Breo Box advertises its contents as unique, and they are right! Some of the items I didn’t even know existed, like the rechargeable batteries, and some are things I have heard of but haven’t seen around the store. This is nice because you don’t have to worry too much about getting things you already have. 

It Makes A Great Gift

The Breo Box is a cool, unique gift. Anyone who likes fun new technology will love the Breo Box. And, because the items are typically new gadgets, people are less likely to already have them. They aren’t gender-specific and are practical items for everyday life. 

You can sign up for the subscription and continue subscribing for however long you want. You are free to cancel at any time. You can have it sent directly to the person you are gifting it to. Or, you can get the box for yourself and keep some of the items and gift the others. Win-win! 

Things to Know Before Signing Up for Breo Box

The Boxes Are Always Different

You won’t receive the same thing twice! This is great, except sometimes you might find out about a past product that you wish you could’ve gotten. However, you can check out their Lifestyle Shop page to purchase past items. 

You will receive a new box every three months; they are seasonal. And while the items aren’t time of year dependent, some of them do seem to complement the season. 

You Don’t Know Exactly What You’re Getting 

It’s a big surprise every time you get a new box. You do not know what you are going to get. However, they do typically offer a spoiler or two about some of the products. The winter 2022 box that I received did have a spoiler alert on the digital photo frame and the rechargeable batteries. 

You Can Save Money By Paying Annually

If you decide to sign up for Breo Box, you can save 10% if you decide to pay annually. It’s just under $90 in savings. This pays for four Breo Boxes, and they will be sent out every three months. So it will still be a subscription service, but you will pay for the year upfront. 

Final Thoughts On the Breo Box Subscription

Whether you are looking into the Breo Box for yourself or you are considering gifting a Breo Box subscription to friends and family, it’s an excellent choice. Even though it’s advertised for tech lovers and definitely appeals to them, all of the items are very practical and will be enjoyed by anyone. 

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