9 Super Weird (But Totally Normal) Things that can Happen to Your Newborn

Babies are one of life’s greatest joys, and biggest stressors! After your baby is born, you can’t help but to worry about every freckle, every hiccup, every cry, and every movement! And guess what? That’s okay! We all worry. But hopefully I can set your mind at ease by telling you about these seven super weird, but totally normal things that can happen to your newborn.

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9 Weird--But totally normal-- things that can happen to your newborn baby
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Cradle Cap

If your baby’s head has dry flaky patches, they probably have cradle cap. It might look a little concerning, but in most cases it clears up on it’s own. Bathing with a gentle shampoo a few times a week may help. If it’s really bothering you, you can use a soft brush to remove the loose flakes. These silicone pads are also great for cradle cap, dry skin, and eczema! I even use one for my own face! 


Baby Acne

It’s still unknown what causes baby acne, Baby acne can occur on the face or body of your baby. It can be red bumps, or little pimples. The acne will usually resolve on its own without intervention. If it doesn’t seem to be improving, talk to your doctor about medicated cream, or ointments.


Explosive Poop

Babies poop a lot! It’s totally normal for your baby to be blowing out of their diaper more often than you had hoped. Breastfed babies tend to blowout more often than formula fed babies because poop is often more firm when feeding with formula. But blowouts will still happen. All the time.


Crossed Eyes

A lot of babies go crossed eyed from time to time. It’s completely normal, as babies are trying to get the hang of making their eyes work together. They usually stop going crossed eye by four months of age. If they don’t seem to be getting any better, or they are constantly crossed, contact your doctor.


Lots of Hair–Everywhere

Some babies have a lot of hair on their head when they’re born, but others a born with a full body of hair! The hair helps to regulate temperature. It oftentimes falls off in the womb before birth, but if not, it will all shed off eventually.


Super Fast Heartbeat

If you’re worried because your babies heart feels like it’s racing, that’s because it is. The average adults resting heart rate is in between 60-70 beats per minute. The average newborn heart rate is between 120-150. That’s double an adults.


Oddly Shaped Head 

If your baby comes out of the womb with a cone head, don’t worry! Babies have two soft spots, allowing them to make their way through the birth canal with ease. But it’s still a tight squeeze, causing the head to become misshapen. Your baby’s head might be especially odd shaped if you had to use clamps, a vacuum, or if they were stuck in the birth canal for a long period of time. Rest assured most babies heads return to normal shape very soon. Some by the next day, and others as the soft spots start to mature and the bones in their head start to fuse together.


Yes. You read that right. Sometimes baby girls have what is called a “mini period.” Because of all the hormones the mother shared with her baby, baby girls can menstruate. It should only be a small amount of blood. Just know that it’s fairly common, but if you have any concerns you should still consult your child’s pediatrician.

Swollen Genitals

When babies are born they tend to have a lot of excess fluid still left over. A common place this is stored is in their genitals– the labia for girls and the scrotum for boys. It is especially noticeable in boys. The swelling should go down within a few days.


Babies are weird! And we wouldn’t trade it for the world. What was something odd that happened to your newborn that you later found out was totally normal? Share it down below in the comments! And be share to share this post so that other moms can be prepared for the crazy, unexpected things to come!


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9 Weird--But totally normal-- things that can happen to your newborn baby
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