101 Baby Shower Gift Ideas That She’ll LOVE

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I’m the kind of person that likes to go all out on gifts, especially baby shower gifts…because babies are just so fun to shop for! Although, shopping for baby items can be stressful, and expensive. So I’ve created this list of 101 Baby Shower Gift Ideas that will fit into anyone’s budget! I’ve included links to the products I suggest.

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Mom!

  1. Diapers- You can NEVER have enough diapers 

2. Wipes/Travel Wipe Case

3. Gift Cards- Food places, Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, etc.

4. Medicine Kit For new moms especially. There’s nothing worse than taking a late night trip to the store because the baby’s sick. This kit has everything you’ll need!

5. Diaper Rash Cream- I’ve tried many kinds, so far my favorite is the Aquaphor Ointment, not the cream! The Ointment.

6. Small Hangers

7. Closet Organizers- I’ve seen some cute dividers, and I’ve seen some pretty nice entire sets for a good price

8. Baby Books- My favorite is Oh The Places You’ll Go, By Dr. Suess, Mom & Dad can read it to the baby as they grow up, and give it as a send-off gift for graduation, or a birthday, with a sweet message inside. 

9. Baby clothes- Baby clothes can be expensive, so when a mom has to buy a lot of them it starts to add up, that’s why baby clothes are such a nice gift to receive

10. Sleepers/Gowns these come in so handy for the first month, they are a must

11. Swaddles- The Woombie has a lot of great reviews, although I prefer this style, it’s cheaper too

12. Mobile

13. Pacifiers- My baby always preferred the NUK brand

14. Pacifier Clips- Some people think these aren’t necessary. I, on the other hand, would consider this a definite need! Plus, they come in some pretty cute designs

15. Wipe Warmer

16. Bath Caddy I wish I would’ve had this! Makes bathing look so much more comfortable

17. Baby Bath

18. Bath Toys

19. Baby Towels/Wash Cloths

20. Baby Shampoo, Body Wash, Lotion

21. Bath Thermometer

22. Blankets

23. Socks- I went through so, so many socks. You can never have enough! It’s a WAY better deal to buy them online

24. Mittens- Great for newborns, so they can’t scratch themselves

25. Teething Toys- People swear by these Amber Teething Necklaces, they’re a little pricey, but when it comes to a baby screaming in pain, you’ll pay just about anything to make them feel better. 

26. Educational Toys

27. Burp Rags

28. Bib with Teething Corner

29. Bumbo

30. Boppy Pillow

31. Johnny Jumper

32. Walker

33. Bouncer

34. Swing

35. Small stroller- people often buy the stroller that goes along with their car seat, and later buy the smaller, more portable one

36. Stroller storage This looks awesome! I’m ordering it for myself

37. Sassy Seat/Portable High Chair- Out of all that I’ve looked into, this one is by far my favorite. It’s affordable, you can hook it to the table or the countertop, or you can place in it a chair as to turn it into a high chair, and it comes with an attachable tray! 

38. Bibby Mat- Even with a regular bib, children always get food in their lap, that’s why this Bibby Mat is such a great invention

39. Baby Dishes-Bowls, Spoons, Reusable Squeeze Pouches those applesauce pouches are so expensive! We use the refillable pouches and ave ourselves a lot on those alone! They’re great for yogurt and baby food too. 

40. Diaper Genie/Refills

41. Diaper Bag

42. Mommy and Me Outfits

43. Gift Certificate for a newborn/family photo shoot

44. Baby Accessories-Hairbows, Headbands, Hairbands

45. Accessory Organizer

46. Closet Organizing Rings

47. Age stickers for progress photos- This set is super cute, gender neutral, and includes milestone stickers!

48. Portable hand sanitizer for Diaper Bag

49. Baby Carrier- Some prefer the Wrap around style, and some prefer the front/backpack style

50. Piggy Bank for Baby

51. A Lovey/Security Blanket

52. Baby Gate

53. Baby safety tools- Outlet Covers, Cupboard Locks, Corner Covers, Crib Rail Protector

54. Mirror for the Car

55. Essential Oil Diffuser/Oils

56. Humidifier

57. Baby First Aid Kit- Usually includes Nail Clippers, Brush, Comb, Thermometer, Nose Sucker, etc. This kit is a killer good deal! 

58. Thermometer- I suggest getting a separate thermometer than what comes in the kit, a temporal one or one that goes in the ear, they are fast and accurate.

59. Baby Monitor- I have one that has a camera, it’s a life saver

60. Nightlights- for the Nursery

61. Scentsy/Wax Burner- The house will often smell like poop and vomit, this is a must

62. Carseat Cover- I like this style, they double as a nursing cover and can be worn as a scarf

63. Nontoxic Cleaning Products

64. Baby Laundry Basket

65. Rocking Chair

66. Playmat- My daughter loved this style

67. Baby Shusher Yes, it’s a machine that goes shh shh shh, to put your baby back to sleep

68. Cloth Diapers- For the seriously awesome moms that want to try it out

69. Baby Blender

70. Baby Safe Sunscreen + Bug Spray

Gifts for Moms Who Love to Travel

71. Portable booster seat/high chair

72. Pack ‘n’ Play

73. Traveling Crib- More portable than a pack n play, I wish I would’ve had one of these

74. Water Bottle Attachment turns any water bottle into a baby bottle

75. Back of Seat Organizer for the Car- this one is awesome! It even has a pocket that’s insulated to keep things cold!

Gifts for the Crafty Mom

76. Cute Picture Frames

77. DIY Growth Chart Kit

78. Nursery Decor

79. Scrapbook/Baby Book

80. Diaper Cake

81. Gift Basket- With a mixture of baby items–>maybe themed; bath stuff, nursing stuff, etc

Gifts for the Moms Who Plan to Nurse

82. Nursing Covers- I loved this style because it never fell off, but a lot of people prefer the ones that double as a carseat cover

83. Nursing Pads

84. Nipple Butter- I didn’t realize how much I would need this until I started nursing, I would’ve died without it

85. Nursing Tank Tops

86. Breast Milk Storage Bags

87. Recipe Books- Including good things to eat to help with milk production

Gifts for Moms Who Plan to Formula/Bottle Feed

88. Bottles- My baby preferred NUK bottles over any other

89. Formula/Sample Packs- Then Mom can decide which one her baby does best on

90. Bottle Warmer

Gifts Just for Mom

91. Hospital Care Kit- Hair Ties, Night Gown, Chapstick, Lotion, Fuzzy Socks, Treat for Mom&Dad

92. Freezer Meals- for after the baby comes when Mom doesn’t feel like cooking

93. Massage Gift Certificate- I got this at my baby shower, one of my favorite gifts

94. Bottle of Wine

95. Alcohol Test Strips- for nursing Moms who also want to drink their bottle of wine

96. Personalized jewelry- something about being a mom

97. Skin Firming Lotion/Stretch Mark Cream- I used the ItWorks stretch mark cream and it actually worked very well, I am not a distributor, so I don’t have a biased opinion (;

98. After Baby Waist Training Wrap– there is a hormone that is released in your body for up to 8 weeks after you have a baby, the waist trainer works with the hormone to pull your hips and pelvis back to their pre-baby place. Shrinkx Hips is a popular brand as well. 

99. Bath Bombs

100. Books- My favorite is the No Cry Sleep Solution, so many moms swear by it

101. Water Bottle

I hope you found this list of Baby Shower Gift Ideas helpful, to save it for future reference, you can share it to your social media, or pin it to your Pinterest account! To see more from Motivation for Mom, click here!

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I’d love to know of any other baby shower gift ideas you may have, comment below!

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