3 Things I Changed To Improve My Workout

Exercising is a learning process. Different techniques work for different people. And sometimes things that once worked don’t seem to be giving you the same results. Our bodies are good at developing tolerances to exercises we do frequently, so changing up your routine a bit might help you to get better results. Here are a few things I changed to improve my workout.


1. Time of Day- I used to work out in the evenings when my husband was home, so he could watch Madi. It wasn’t bad, but it was definitely stalling my progress! I would constantly be skipping work outs because I would have something else to do, whether it be a meeting for our business, or a friend needed our help. It seemed something would ALWAYS come up. So I did the impossible, I started waking up at 4:30am to go to the gym at 5:00. It was SO hard at first. Keep in mind that I have a one year old, so I do not sleep through the night. But once I forced myself from my bed and to the gym, I felt amazing. Working out gave me more energy during the day, and it motivated me to eat healthier because I didn’t want to “waste” all the hard work I’d done that morning. It was such a great change for me.



2. Cardio- I have never been a cardio queen. I have always hated running. So naturally, I skipped out on it pretty often. But there are a few changes I’ve made to my usual cardio session that have helped me to stay more consistent. First, I don’t often use the same machine every day of the week. I’ll use the treadmill one day, stairclimber the next, and sometimes the elliptical or exercise bike. If I really can’t stand being on one of them for more than 10 minutes, instead of leaving I will switch to a different type of machine. If the only open machines are treadmills, then I get creative, I change my pace from sprinting to walking, or I walk at an incline, sometimes I’ll even throw in some lunges! I also try to get in a cardio class a few times a week to make up for any slacking I may have done. (; I prefer U-Jam, SO fun! It’s like Zumba, but its more hip-hop and pop music–less fancy foot work, more booty shaking!

3. Pace- This is the single most important thing I have changed. I used to get the the gym, turn on my up-beat music, and just bust through my workout. While I still listen to my awesome music, my workouts are much, much slower. I used to do 3 sets of 15 reps per machine/workout. I rarely make it to 15 reps anymore. I upped my weight so that each rep was harder. I make sure that every rep is done really slow and controlled. When I do squats, I squat as low as I can get, and when I stand up I flex hard and I hold that position for a second before I continue onto my next rep. I do this with every machine, and body weight workout. You can also use extra equipment to make your workouts harder. I like these resistance bands a lot! Even though I’m not able to do near as many reps with this technique, I’m ALWAYS sore the next day (and the next day).


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  1. carlie

    April 7, 2017 at 6:53 pm

    This is so important! I am not too bad w/ cardio but i’d always go too fast then wouldn’t have any energy to get me through the rest of the workout! such an important post. xx


    1. McKayla B.

      April 12, 2017 at 2:28 am

      Thank you! Finding your own personal balance with cardio is such a struggle!

  2. Johnny Appleseed

    April 22, 2017 at 1:07 am


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